Nan and Grandad Gifts: The Best Gifts for Grandparents, Because They Deserve to Be Spoiled Too
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Nan and Grandad Gifts: The Best Gifts for Grandparents, Because They Deserve to Be Spoiled Too

Posted 07 Feb 2023

Wanna find some exceptional nan and grandad gifts as a thank you for whom who is always sneaking you a chocolate biscuit when your mum’s not looking? It's a time-honoured tradition that visiting grandparents means excessive pampering, whether it's a just-because or a big event, a lavish afternoon tea with all the fixings and personalised giftsThey love you anyway, and they should be treated like royalty on any occasion.

Shopping for one person, you'll probably wind up buying them a bottle of champagne, but since you're looking to buy for two, you're in for a world of possibilities! It's one thing to buy presents for grandma and grandad separately, but it's mind-boggling to think of what to get them together. How can you choose a gift that both of your most cherished loved ones will adore? Unlike a typical couple's nan and grandad giftseverything you choose for your grandparents should be something they enjoy as much as you.

Worry no more, we've stumbled into a few options that seem to tick all of the boxes (if we do say so ourselves). It's safe to say that we've covered all of the bases when it comes to gift giving, including thoughtful home decor, sentimental keepsakes, and unique creations. Let’s find out!

Gifts for Nan

Your granny has supported you all your life. Her devotion is endless, from advice and home-cooked dinners to hugs and kisses. Be ready to wow her with the most outstanding personalised grandma gifts and even nan gifts for Mother’s Day. Our list of the greatest nan birthday gifts for grandma includes personalised, original, and affordable ideas you can be inspired from! Perhaps you can use them as personalised Mother's Day gifts as well! 

Hamper Gift Set

hamper gift set

This holiday season, the best route to your nan’s hearts (or anybody else's) is with a well-stocked hamper as bespoke nan and grandad gifts.

She can enjoy this beautiful hamper gift set as she snuggles up to the season. This gorgeous ideal for tablescaping and used with pillar candles to protect surfaces.

Throw Blanket

throw blanket

This throw is subtly detailed with a twill herringbone weave, and it is irresistibly soft and warm thanks to the expert weaving of fine merino wool fibres. Its oversized silhouette is perfect for wrapping up on chilly nights, or for draping over the end of a bed or sofa to add an authentic touch to interiors. The blanket is totally made for lovely nan gift, or even nan and grandad gifts on different occasions.

An exquisite Johnstons product, this throw blanket is subtly detailed with a twill herringbone weave, and it is irresistibly soft and warm thanks to the expert weaving of fine merino wool fibres. Its oversized silhouette is perfect for wrapping up on chilly nights, or for draping over the end of a bed or sofa to add an authentic touch to interiors.

"This Awesome Grandma Belongs To" Custom Tee

personalised t-shirt

If you're looking for unique birthday nan and grandad gifts, especially for the women in your life, check out this stylish "This Awesome Grandma Belongs To" custom tee. It will express your affection in a unique way. The number of grandkids may be adjusted to suit your needs by entering the number of (grand)children she has.

These personalised t-shirts are made from carefully spun fibres, making the fabric both sturdy and smooth, a good candidate for screen printing. Polyester fibres can withstand stretching and shrinking over time and are resistant to most pollutants.

Moreover, we like that the shirts are resistant to fading because of the high-quality printing and modern technology used to produce them. These custom presents should do the trick if you're looking for something that symbolises longevity and maturity like fine wine.

"Grandma's Garden" Personalised Canvas

personalised canvas

A high-quality, personalised canvas will wow you with its vivid colours and lifelike textures, while also proving to be a great conversation starter. Whether for decoration or a gift, creating a custom canvas painting can make any ordinary image into something extraordinary, like turning the names of your grandma’s favourite children into blossoming flower roots. Custom canvas paintings are a great way to show off special memories or bring life to a favourite photo she can hang around!

Canvas prints are versatile nan and grandad gifts that can be hung anywhere - from a hook to the wall. For those with a passion for art and creativity, creating custom canvas paintings allows them to put their own personal touch on a beloved image. This “Grandma’s Garden” canvas should help your nan blast her flair for arts and beauty all over her house!

Gifts for Grandad

Grandad gifts are notoriously tough to come by. If you believe your grandfather deserves something special as nan and grandad gifts, luckily we can help. Who else treats you like your grandfather? The one who gives you sound advice and an extra chocolate cookie when your mother is not looking. Choose some ready-made and personalised grandad gifts to make his day even brighter, whether you’re shopping for some personalised gifts for Father's Day or grandad birthday gifts.

"Grandad's Gang" Custom Mug

custom mug

White and glossy on the outside, this mug's body also has permanent lettering that won't wear out even after many uses. If your grandad likes the taste of coffee in the morning, you can design him a special mug with a photo and a caption just for him!

Whether you want your beverage hot or cold, this personalised mug will do the trick. For regular usage and to maintain the ideal temperature of his beverages, we advise him to have one of these. He may use it in a variety of settings, including at home, at the office, at school, or even in a coffee shop with thoughtful nan and grandad gifts.

This is the best personalised grandad present ever, and it will make his special day much better than he could have imagined!

"Legend" Personalised Pillow

personalised pillow

As nan and grandad gift or for any other significant person in your life, this embroidered cushion is guaranteed to be well received and appreciated. The cover of this personalised pillow can be quickly detached from the cushion and reattached after being washed. The design was cut from vinyl and then transferred to the ceramic using heat. You should wash it with standard laundry detergent so that it may be preserved in the best possible condition.

Place this one-of-a-kind pillow in your living room so that everyone who comes to visit may marvel at the incredible design you have created. Your cherished grandad will really adore receiving one of these cute pillows as a gift. Now is the moment to make the important days of your favourite man even more joyful!

Gentlemen's Hardware Manicure Kit Pouch

Manicure Kit Pouch

This compact set includes everything your grandpa needs to maintain tidy fingernails on the road: the perfect nan and grandad gifts.

Use this complete Manicure Kit from Gentlemen's Hardware to perfect your man-manicure. This convenient set includes stainless steel nail clippers, tweezers, scissors, and a file, all housed in a sturdy grey cloth case with bright orange trim features. Keep this kit on hand to ensure that your most important grooming items are always in one convenient location.

They are compact enough to keep at home or in your suitcase so your grandad may always have neatly manicured nails to flex!

Photo Frame

grandad photo frame

What are some cute items to help your grandad keep his cherished memories intact? The lovely nan and grandad gifts feature piece is a lightweight frame that is easy to hang and is made in Italy from premium ayous wood. It beautifully sits back from the wall and makes a beautiful statement. You may either use it to compile a tale of your recollections or offer the frame itself as a present that has already been filled up.

This photo frame is built from high-quality ayous wood and has sophisticated anti-glare Perspex panes. It comes in a chic, contemporary white finish. This frame is lightweight and easy to hang, and it can contain 15 images that are 5x7 inches each to form a tale of memories.

Gifts for Every Grandparents

Shopping for two people is harder than shopping for one (a bottle of bubbly is generally the go-to). Combining nan and grandad gifts is mind-boggling. What gift would your two most beloved individuals truly love? Your grandparents' present should be something they adore as much as you do.

"Grandkids Spoiled Here" Personalised Doormat

personalised door mat

This doormatwhich reads "Grandkids Spoiled Here", is crafted from natural coir and is perfectly safe for use around both children and pets. This is available in a wide range of colours and may function either as a standalone rug or as an addition to an already existing one. The high-quality materials make them ideal for capturing dirt and moisture in high-traffic areas. The backing of the doormat is made of a non-slip rubber material, which further reduces the possibility of falling.

If you deliver the one-of-a-kind doormat together with a few handwritten messages and some well-wishes to the receiver of your gift, you can turn it into nan and grandad gifts that can’t be missed!  

This Christmas, consider this item as one of your options for personalised Christmas gifts for grandparents

Sliding Cheese & Snack Board

 cheese board

Everyone knows that grandparents have the finest supply of snacks, so if you want to make it simpler for them to serve visitors, you might provide them with a display board that includes cheese and nibbles.

It's not often that you find a serving board with so many options. This one is made out of acacia wood and is just over a foot in diameter; hence, there is sufficient room for artisanal cheeses and a part that has been cut out for crackers. In addition, it comes with four porcelain plates that may be used for serving dips, spreads, nuts, and other snacks. 

The top can be opened by sliding it, revealing four cheese-serving instruments including a fork, spatula, spade, and spreader knife. These nan and grandad gifts are attractive German designs that come equipped with everything your grandparents want to create a magnificent platter!

Milk Frother

milk frother

Whether they already own a coffee machine, everyone may benefit from having a milk frother on hand for those occasional times when they crave a beverage worthy of a barista.

Adjust the foaminess of your coffee or milky drink to your liking. If you want more variety in your coffee milk drinks, this milk frother is for you. The nan and grandad gifts have you covered, with two hot milk foam settings for making rich cappuccinos and latte macchiatos, as well as cold foam and hot milk alternatives.

The ergonomic design and ease of use are enhanced by the included handle and pour spout. Did we mention that it can go in the dishwasher? Flip any frothy treat into a coffee, or any coffee into a foamy treat as you see fit.


Shopping for grandparents’ gifts shouldn’t be difficult once you’ve considered everything. While these lovely people will be grateful for everything you give them as nan and grandad gifts, if you want to be voted "Best Grandchild of the Year," you still need to put in some serious time and effort to seek the perfect store-bought or personalised gifts for them.

Think about your grandparents' interests, hobbies, and current passions (other than indulging you, of course) before you go shopping for them. No matter what you decide, it'll put a huge holiday-season smile on their faces.

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