Novelty Christmas Gifts: Top Presents That'll Make Your Loved Ones Cry-Laugh
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Novelty Christmas Gifts: Top Presents That'll Make Your Loved Ones Cry-Laugh

Posted 25 Mar 2023

The joy of giving a laugh to someone else through a novelty present is incomparable. However, it's a completely different story to pick the best novelty Christmas gifts to make them beam with delight.

If they make you happy, then why not give them a present that will make them giggle until they cry? Gifts with a humorous twist are not always purchased for their comic potential. You may find gift ideas for everyone who appreciates a good chuckle, whether they're looking for something lighthearted or a little more risqué.

This holiday, give your loved ones a present that will stand out and show them how much you care. We’ve scoured the web for the most amazing novelty Christmas gifts for adults that aren't gaudy and are worthy of a pleasant surprise for anyone on your list. From cute kitchenware to personalised gifts, every item will brighten their days.

For more personalised Christmas gifts, browse other articles of ours to shop the best ultimate gift guide for your friends and family. We’re sure you’ll find something that makes them overjoyed throughout the festive season.

Novelty Christmas Gifts for Men

Do you want your present to go lost in the shuffle or to be noticed? If so, then you should seek unique novelty Christmas gifts for men and avoid giving boring presents. A fun guy deserves a gift that is just as much fun as he is.

If he enjoys going out with family, spending time with friends while playing games, or cooking up a tasty dish on the BBQ, he is a jovial guy who would appreciate a hilarious present. The argument stands: the funniest novelty present is the one that perfectly captures the recipient's unique character.

It's important to find a unique present he'll enjoy. Explore some of the amazing and cheap novelty Christmas gifts below to bring him more joy this holiday. If you need something a little more personal, our list of personalised gifts for dad or personalised grandad gifts might help.

Christmas Canvas

A Christmas canvas for men is a thoughtful and festive gift that can bring holiday cheer and warmth to any space. When selecting or designing a Christmas canvas for men, consider their interests and preferences.

Remember that personalization can make the gift even more special. You can add their name, a special date, or a personal message to the canvas. The key is to select a Christmas canvas that resonates with the recipient's interests and brings the magic of the holiday season into their home.

You can order and customise your own canvas here:

Penguin Cocktail Shaker

penguin cocktail shaker

In search of the most charming novelty Christmas gifts for men that show how much care? Get him this unique cocktail shaker in the shape of an emperor penguin to put on his bar cart. This cocktail shaker, with a capacity of 17 ounces and a built-in strainer for convenience, will be a worthy addition to his barware collection.

Stylish, entertaining, and practical as it is, the shaker is an outstanding gift that reminds him of you wherever he uses it. This funny-looking guy, with his ornamental beak and webbed feet, is sure to get guests talking. It's the best martini shaker and will work just as well for your other cocktail drinks. No more arguing, the penguin cocktail shaker deserves to be one of the most thoughtful novelty Christmas gifts for men who are the occasional bartenders or cocktail enthusiasts on your present list.

Cactus Coasters Set

Every holiday and special occasion results in an overflowing mountain of presents. However, there must be something striking to get people's attention, something unusual and fun to receive. This cactus coaster set will undoubtedly delight your dad, husband, or any man on your list.

When not in use, this ingenious set transforms into a cactus sculpture. You can use the coasters together to construct a cactus plant, or you can separate them and use them separately. These little items can take the heat and shield your table or nightstand from spills. They'd make great novelty Christmas gifts for adults that’ll make your man happy all day.

Shower Beer Holder

shower beer holder

Enjoying a cold beer while taking a hot shower is one of life's basic pleasures. Provide them with this convenient beer holder to ensure that they never have to go without their beverage of choice.

Ingenious silicone design, which is sticky and waterproof, helps this holder attach to any shiny tile (or surface) and hold your beer as you prepare for a dinner party or a night out with friends. It's better than trying to cram cans into your caddy or leaving them lying around the bathtub, where they'll be subject to water splashes and potential falls.

This shower beer holder is a perfect choice for novelty Christmas gifts this season. What’s more, it’s also ideal for other occasions such as Father's Day or birthdays. You may either keep it for yourself or give it to the man that always starts the party off right.

Novelty Christmas Gifts for Women

It can be difficult to find a gift for a woman who seems to already have everything she needs. However, cheap novelty Christmas gifts are sure to put a grin on her face.

If you desire that she’ll actually use your presents, you’d better consider her interests, hobbies, and daily activities. A woman who loves cooking would laugh out loud when she receives hilarious kitchen appliances. Or if she has green fingers, humorous gardening tools or plant supplies would be a delight.

Check out our selection of novelty presents below, ideal for celebrating special occasions and showing your appreciation to your mom, grandma, sister, or any other woman on your list. With these items, you’ll make their day.

For further presents to celebrate the festive season, take a look at our list of personalised gifts for mom, personalised gifts for grandma, and personalised gifts for best friends. Heartwarming pieces will never fail to make a memorable holiday.

Nessie Ladle

nessie ladle

Are you hunting for lasting novelty Christmas presents for the chef of your home? Give them a chance to let loose and laugh with this Nessie ladle that they might have seen for the first time in their life.

This handle is shaped like the monster's head, and the base has feet that can be used as a stand. How funny it is that your mom or grandma uses this hilarious piece while they’re cooking or serving food for your family. The Nessie might say “I'm sorry to ruin your meal, but I want to swim around in your soup”. That’s hilarious!

With these one-of-a-kind novelty Christmas gifts for her, they now can serve their favourite stews, sauces, and soups with a firm grasp and a funny feeling. Humorous kitchen knick knacks are always a welcome surprise.

Whale Butter Dish

While many adult novelty gifts are inappropriate for the workplace or religious gatherings, a lovely butter dish is an exception.

Designed to resemble a cute whale, this aqua butter dish is attractive enough to be left out all day long. The dish has the form of ocean waves, suggesting that the whale is floating in its food. In this case, the whale's tail serves not only as a decorative element but also as a handle for opening the container, revealing tasty butter sticks inside. All these features make this present a hilarious and practical piece that any home cook will appreciate.

Any kitchen would be lucky to have this cute butter dish. It's safe to use in the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer, and it can store a full stick of butter. A striking star in your list when it comes to novelty Christmas gifts for her.

Flask Bracelet

flask bracelet

Get out-of-the-ordinary gift ideas and turn them into the best novelty presents that your loved ones have received so far. The recipient of this bracelet will certainly appreciate the humour inherent in the present. It can be used as a liquor or wine container because of its hollow design. Simply unscrew the top whenever she needs a drink!

In the most ideal circumstances, this bangle flask may be the most useful and fashionable accessory she owns. It makes perfect novelty Christmas gifts for her that elevate their mood every time they wear it.

On Christmas night or new year’s eve, your mom or wife will be eagerly showing this adorable item to the whole family and the guests. It’ll become the talk of the town and adds a more cheerful vibe to the holiday atmosphere.

Novelty Gender-Neutral Christmas Gifts

During the Christmas season, giving gifts may be a risky business. What if your loved one, relative, or significant other doesn't appreciate the present? Is it possible that they will appreciate this present so much that nothing else will ever measure up? But don’t panic since novelty gender-neutral Christmas gifts will be your saviour.

No one can refuse a gift that is cute, humorous, and practical. Give a present that matches the recipient's sense of humour to show them how much you enjoy teasing them.

We’ve collected some humorous yet practical presents for any family member or friend that you love. Pick one of them and get ready to fill the holiday with surprises and laughs.

Personalised T-shirt

You’ll never go wrong with a cool customised shirt when looking for adorable cheap novelty Christmas gifts for any pet lover that you know. This holiday, show them a present that they can use all year along and treasure for years to come.

Make a custom Christmas t-shirt featuring a drawing of cute little cats. Including their names is a personal touch that elevates this item to the next level.

This hilarious gift is not only a reward for your favourite pet owners but it’s also a lovely way for them to realise how thoughtful you are. Give it to them on Christmas day and you’ll see the way this shirt makes them laugh till they cry.

Personalised Ornament

Christmas is coming around the corner, which means it's time for decoration. If you’re searching for cute novelty Christmas presents for cat lovers, surprise them with this one-of-a-kind “We regret nothing” cat ornament. Your friends will love this present since it’s absolutely a perfect way for sharing the holiday spirit with their cute pets!

This customised decoration is a great way to flaunt your ingenuity. You can personalise it by altering the features of each cat and adding its name. The end product is a beautiful ornament that makes a creative funny gift for your loved ones.

Custom Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs with a funny message and a friendly image of a dog are cute cheap novelty Christmas gifts for anyone. This holiday, create a unique present that stands out from many others that your friend or family member might receive.

This custom mug with a festive design is an extra special touch to their Christmas celebration. Whether they prefer their coffee hot or cold, you'll elevate their experience with your thoughtful present.

Besides, you’re making lovely novelty Christmas gifts for adults that can be used as a piece of holiday decoration. When showcased on the shelves or the kitchen table, this mug is sure to bring a more cheerful vibe to the festive celebration.


If you are having trouble locating an appropriate present for a certain person this festive season, novelty Christmas gifts for adults would be a brilliant choice.

Whether you wake up to a stylish alarm clock or chuckle over your morning joe in a humorous mug, you're guaranteed to have a better day just by looking at them. Give a gift that is as unique as the person receiving it, so let your creativity go wild. Novelty presents are perfect for any event or recipient, and they look excellent anywhere.

With our most up-to-date selection of novelty gifts and trendy humorous present concepts, you’ll have more chances to bring a season full of love and laughs to your loved ones. Whether you choose funny items for your home or hilarious personalised gifts, they’ll never go unnoticed.

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