Christmas Chocolate Gifts: All The Best Christmas Gifts for A Chocoholic
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Christmas Chocolate Gifts: All The Best Christmas Gifts for A Chocoholic

Posted 28 Mar 2023


Gift baskets, cheese, jewellery, art prints, vases, literature, beauty and fitness products are top-tier gifts for Xmas, but we’ve got something a little bit different this holiday. Everyone naturally wants nice chocolate, so giving them chocolate is the best way to add a little more to their festivities. You cannot go wrong with some tasty, soft, and sweet Christmas chocolate gifts!

It is a universal fact that at least someone we know is a fan of chocolates. One of our friends might be a chocolate connoisseur who would love a Christmas chocolate box full of truffles or a silky smooth Christmas hot chocolate gift.

Therefore, we’re bringing some good news for you: This year, we’re introducing some of the best novelty Christmas gifts to give to your loved ones. Be ready to make their holiday much sweeter! We have also picked from personalised gifts by the recipient, fun Christmas chocolate gifts that will keep the small ones engaged, a tasty and one-of-a-kind chocolate treat for the reader in your life, alcoholic and dark chocolate gift baskets, and year-round gifts. use our suggestions to be inspired with personalised Christmas gifts ideas and make an even more memorable holiday!

Here are this year's best chocolate-themed Christmas gifts. This list will let you offer a chocolate enthusiast some scrumptious candies and express your passion for chocolate together.

Christmas and Chocolate: Quite a History

christmas chocolate gifts

Christmas traditions can be traced back to pagan beliefs and behaviours. In actuality, people have long been intrigued by the timing of the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. The return of the sun signalled the start of a new cycle for growing future harvests.

As a result, the 25th of December became the day of Sol Invictus' rebirth and Roman Saturnalia. Furthermore, the Saturnalia lasted several days, during which time people wore garlands around their necks and exchanged Christmas gifts. In many cultures, this day is also associated with numerous beliefs regarding motherhood, pregnancy, reproduction, and even astronomy.

Meanwhile, the famed chocolate log has a Middle Ages connection to the winter solstice. To heat homes, each fireplace burns massive slabs of wood, creating a fire that the entire family can gather around. In the eleventh century, the Catholic Church reintroduced this tradition, integrating additional ceremonies such as the sprinkling of holy water, salt, cooked wine, or oil.

In the nineteenth century, heating systems such as cast iron stoves supplanted fireplaces. They were decorative before some pastry cooks had the idea of turning planks of wood into pastry logs. The chocolate frosting is designed to look like the bark of the natural log that was previously utilised. Chocolate appears in Christmas traditions all across the world, including Mexico, where the turkey is topped with a layer of chocolate, and Italy, where children receive chocolate from the witch Befana.

These days, Christmas chocolate gifts are an essential part of Xmas and other holidays, like Valentine.

Our Top Christmas Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

From Läderach Barry Milk Chocolate to a stunning bakery box, this compilation of the best Christmas chocolate gifts for 2022 is sure to please everyone on your list.

We've also picked out gifts that can be personalised, funny Christmas chocolate gifts that will keep the kids busy, a delicious and unusual chocolate treat for the avid reader in your life, alcoholic and dark chocolate gift baskets, and useful ones that can be used any time of year.

Läderach Barry Milk Chocolate With Santa Hat

Läderach Barry Milk Chocolate With Santa Hat

The Barry the Saint Bernard box of chocolates is made of the highest quality hazelnut gianduja, and it is topped with a whipped topping for added decadence. A marzipan Santa hat in the form of a red Santa hat is put on top of his head to offer a touch of Christmas cheer. He is entirely composed of the most exquisite milky, white chocolate christmas gifts that Switzerland has to offer.

This chocolate confection is the real deal when it comes to chocolate bliss. If anything, this sweetness definitely speaks volumes of affection.

Here’s a pro tip to truly impress your recipient: Wrap the box of chocolates in a beautiful, vintage bag, and write the names of the recipients along with some wishes this Xmas. You’ll wow them with the ultimately thoughtful personalised gifts for couples, and basically every sweet lover ever!

Some feedback for the Christmas chocolate gifts is that the level of sweetness might be too much for many, so make sure you’ll give it to someone who’ll appreciate it.

Russell & Atwell Golden Monty Trio Box Of Chocolates

russell & atwell golden monty trio box of chocolates

These chocolates come in all shapes, sizes, and tastes. From creamy milk chocolates to salted caramel ones - it seems like the companies have noted every preference by their picky eater! These chocolates can be easily purchased from their online store.

Everyone who likes sweets will agree that their Golden Monty trio, which consists of chocolates that are salted caramel, and milk chocolate that is extremely creamy. The beautifully smooth dark chocolate christmas gifts are the ideal combination of flavours. Because of the wide-ranging ingredients, it would be wise to know any allergies of your recipients before giving them the Christmas chocolate gift.

Montezuma’s Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Box Set

montezuna christmas chocolate

Inside Montezuma's delightful Twinkle Twinkle box of chocolates, one will discover milk chocolate balls, peanut butter snowballs, milk chocolate mandarin snowmen, a Christmas grand truffle carton, and a Fitzroy bar. This box is ideal for sending out as a present for the Secret Santa exchange or for filling for Christmas stockings. Both uses can be accomplished with ease thanks to its convenient size.

The variety of tastes and eye-catching packaging makes them perfect gifts for your friends, too. If you really want to level up your gifting games, however, we have other ideas. Purchase some colourful ribbons and seasonal postcards, and bag the whole present in a kraft bag, and voila! You’ve created the most lovely personalised gifts for best friends this holiday season.

Elephant Gin Sloe Gin Christmas Chocolate Gifts

Sloe Gin Chocolate Bundle

The new handmade Sloe Gin Chocolate Bundle is a match made in heaven for fans of alcoholic sweets, as it combines Elephant Sloe Gin with velvety chocolate, which is a marriage made in heaven, so that fans can make their very own artisanal sloe gin chocolates. This will amaze fans of alcoholic sweets. Thanks to the taste of wine, you can box them with hand-written notes to make special personalised gifts for dad in the coming holiday!

The melting part is a chocolate cream that is flavoured with Elephant Gin's very own award-winning Sloe Gin. Each individual chocolate contains a second meringue shell to give an extra layer of protection.

We’re sure you’ll love the fact that the product is coated with high-quality extra-dark chocolate all the way to the outside. How yummy! Wow your loved ones with some special dark chocolate christmas gifts today.

Since everyone has their own taste, the unconventional merge of wine and chocolate might be too strong for many. Make sure your intended audience has a sweet (and sour) tongue to love the Christmas chocolate gifts!

Baileys Box Of Chocolate Gift Set

baileys chocolate gift set

Baileys is an essential part of the holiday season, and without it, Christmas just wouldn't seem the same.

With this gift, you will have the option of picking from rich original truffles as well as a combination of milk, dark, and white truffles, coffee, caramel, and almond tastes. All of these are excellent for sharing with family and friends after the Christmas dinner has been completed. Thanks to the colourful appearance, they can fit into equally decorative gift wraps.

You’ll have some creative freedom here: Attach it with an endearing note and cute accessories to make perfect personalised gifts for mum. She’ll definitely love the thought process you have put into it (and the taste too!)

Because the gift set comes in so many tastes, take a note to give to someone who loves exploring varieties. For diehard fans of solely dark chocolate christmas gifts, for example, this set might not be your best bet in the holiday season.

Sardines Christmas Chocolate Gifts

sardines chocolate

It is a universal truth that these Christmas chocolate gifts in the creative shapes of sardines are fantastic for youngsters. Simon Coll, a family-owned chocolatier business that began operations in Catalonia in the year 1840, was the one responsible for the creation and marketing of these chocolate sardines. Ever since, they have grown to capture the hearts of many young consumers all over the world.

Milk chocolate sardines wrapped in aluminium foil to look like a cardboard box, as if they were a real sardine can. The 24g package is great for children, who will undoubtedly prefer chocolate sardines to real ones. In fact, the not-quite-big size of the package makes it only suitable for children’s consumption (and also due to the low-cocoa and high-sugar ratio of the product).

Exploding Bakery Letterbox Brownies

letter brownies

Toasted hazelnut, salted caramel with just a hint of sweetness, sour cherry, and many more tastes are available when you shop for some Letterbox brownies! When you want to show a loved one how much you care about them and how much you wish you could be with them in person, the incredible brownies from Exploding Bakery are the perfect Christmas chocolate gifts to give them.

Chocolate brownies are the kind of gift that will make someone's Christmas a little more joyful. The high prices compared to other bakeries, however, might set some gifters back from purchasing. Still, if you’re not feeling like purchasing some white chocolate christmas gifts, you can definitely consider the brownies!

Feya Truffles Assortment Christmas Chocolate Gifts

Feya Truffles Assortment Christmas Chocolate Gifts

Because Feya is all about recognising and celebrating the accomplishments of women, this finely created box of truffles would be the perfect Christmas chocolate gifts for a close female friend of yours, as the brand's mission statement states. Empower them, starting from the taste buds!

Like other brands that aim for a truly wonderful experience, caramelised orange, gooey salted caramel, rose, raspberry, and caramelised orange are just a few of the flavours that can be chosen from the extensive menu. These are the much-needed additions into one’s tea break and, of course, the chilly Xmas night with loved ones!

Some buyers have chimed in to say the assortment is too sugary for them. With just one ball per serving, however, you can still enjoy the festive spirit in a moderate amount of sweetness.


What could be more important than sharing in the excitement of opening the finest Christmas chocolate gifts with loved ones and keeping the holiday spirit alive?

Once meals are finished and stories start, it is when the truest spirit of Christmas kicks in! This is when each of us takes a seat and breaks off a piece of chocolate to share with the others on the chilly winter night. Have some fun exchanging gifts and unwrapping  some excellent Christmas gift sets you have put your heart and soul in selecting for one another!

So, if there's a special someone in your life who can't get enough of chocolate, now is the time to make their Xmas day. There are many options available, from picking pre-made Christmas gift box, making your own, or adding a bit of touch to the personalised gifts that you give to loved ones.

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