Secret Santa Gifts Under $10: Our Cheap and Creative Gifts Everyone Will Love
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Secret Santa Gifts Under $10: Our Cheap and Creative Gifts Everyone Will Love

Posted 22 Mar 2023

During the Christmas season, you are likely to participate in at least one gift exchange, whether at work, with friends, or with family. While secret Santa is intended to be loads of fun to celebrate, it can be challenging to choose a suitable and impressive gift with a limited budget. You can't go wrong this year, though, as we’ve collected the most creative Secret Santa gifts under $10 for anyone on your list, from your relatives to your boss whom you have a strong desire to please. 

Finding a unique and affordable present that also meets your criteria for "cool" might be a daunting task. Sure, you could get them a gift card to their coffee shop or fast food store, but presents with thoughtful gestures or personalised gifts are always appreciated. They won't question the cost as long as they know the gift was chosen with care.

Here are some terrific ideas for Secret Santa gift exchanges as well as stocking stuffers for everyone on your list that will not cost you a fortune. There's finally some time to relax and make your favourite gingerbread cookie recipes.

We also have a ton of great suggestions for Secret Santa gifts under $5, personalised Christmas gifts, and funny Secret Santa gifts if you need even more ideas for thrifty shopping.

Secret Santa Gifts Under $10 For Kids

Kids see a hidden Santa exchange as a perfect way to get something truly special for Christmas. In order to select a suitable present for them, you will consider factors like the child's age, sex, and trendy items favoured recently. 

Parents don’t need to break the bank during the holidays to make their kids happy. There are so many fantastic toys for kids that are economical as well as exciting. Plus, cheap toys can still be enjoyable, instructive, and encourage your kid’s creativity. Although it may seem complicated to choose the greatest gift, our suggestions for good Secret Santa gifts under $10 are surefire a hit this holiday.

Coloured pencils

Colored pencils

The fact that this set of 36-colouring pencils for children costs less than $10 makes it a deal, as the best presents are frequently the simplest ones. These pencils are perfect for any young artist, whether they are just getting started or have been drawing for years.

Crayola's conveniently packaged pencils are widely appreciated since they are so easy to use and store. Each colored pencil is pre-sharpened and features a strong, soft point that won't break easily, making them ideal for use in the classroom or as a colouring tool. Both boys and girls, starting at age 5, can start colouring like pros with these non-toxic colouring supplies.

With bright and vibrant hues, this specialized set makes the best Secret Santa gifts under $10 for young children since it encourages creativity and artistic expression. It’s time to let your kids show off their abilities and talents! 

Pop It Fidget Toys

Pop It Fidget Toys

Add a rainbow touch to your kids’ gift collection with these adorable Pop-it fidget toys featuring funny Secret Santa gifts under $10. They are a sure crowd-pleaser among other Christmas presents that are shown at the party.

Fidget popping toys are constructed of BPA-free silicone material with safety verified. It's comfy, washable, pressable, long-lasting, and incredibly soft. The bubbles may be squeezed and then seen on the other side, ready to be popped again.

It’s wonderful that children can benefit from the entertaining use of these fidget toys, including attention, calmness, logical thinking, mental arithmetic, improved focus, active listening, and more. They may take it anywhere, from a car journey to school to camping. A fun little game that the whole family can play together! 

No-Spill Bubble Tumbler

No-Spill Bubble Tumbler

Create happy moments rather than messes! This no-spill bubble tumbler is a great way for kids to enjoy bubbles without worrying about making a huge mess. It is designed to withstand being knocked over and tipped over by curious young minds.

With less than ten dollars, you’re getting an impressive gift that will keep kids entertained for hours. It’s available in different hues so make sure that your choice will satisfy the recipient’s taste. 

It's safe to say that no-spill tumblers are the most ideal playthings for any water-based or outdoor adventure. Both boys and girls will love receiving them as the most funny Secret Santa gifts under $10.

Kids Nature Trail Binoculars

Kids Nature Trail Binoculars

If you’re looking for perfect Secret Santa gifts under $10 for a budding explorer, this plaything is ideal. The children's green binoculars with a neck string and gift box make a fantastic present for any little one. 

It’s an excellent tool for encouraging children to learn about and appreciate the natural world. Useful for spending time in nature, observing wildlife, and appreciating the great outdoors. They can use them to positively identify far-off fauna, then make a note in their scrapbook and add extra information when they get home.

With just seven dollars, you’re giving your child incredible chances of joining extraordinarily thrilling adventures of discovery. Get kids excited about nature and outdoor activities early on! Are there any species of birds spotted today?

Story Magic Unicorn Bead Set

Unicorn Bead Set

Get ready to think outside the box for funny Secret Santa gifts under $10! This magical craft kit is sure to be a hit with any unicorn lover. It features over a hundred wooden beads and charms on a rainbow of cording which is not only pre-cut for your convenience, but also features aglets, or shoelace ends, to make beading a cinch.

These beads can be used to make more than five different things, including bracelets, necklaces, and keychains. Over a hundred beads in hues of the rainbow will have the young fingers and the mind occupied for hours. When complete, the bracelets can be worn or kept as one-of-a-kind keepsakes. 

This set is one of the best Secret Santa gifts under $10 for creative and imaginative children. Thus, if you know a young storyteller with a vivid imagination, the Story Magic unicorn beads set is a must-have. In the end, it's the thoughtful, charming, inexpensive, and handmade presents that mean the most.

Secret Santa Gifts Under $10 For Adults

It's not easy to purchase holiday presents on a strict budget. However, you don't have to settle for anything that looks cheap just because you're trying to save money. If you're stuck for ideas, we've rounded up the best Secret Santa gifts under $10 available, making it simple to cross off names on your list.

Our advice is to go with practical items without blowing your budget. With less than ten dollars, there are various cute and useful presents that’ll everyone will appreciate. Things for daily use like mugs, shirts, or blankets are always a good choice. Whether you're shopping for your closest coworkers, teachers, or a friend who already has everything, we've got you covered. Go no further than the suggestions below for the best inexpensive Secret Santa gifts this year.

Dog Treat Selfie Kit

Dog Treat Selfie Kit

Shopping good Secret Santa gifts under $10 for a pet lover is no longer difficult when you have this dog treat selfie clip. Our dogs are adorable, but they may be finicky when it comes to having their photo taken. This smartphone accessory can be used to hold a dog treat while taking photos, thus preventing your pet from being distracted.

Put a dog goodie inside, attach it to your phone, and you can keep your dog still and staring at the camera long enough for at least 5 seconds to catch that ideal image! Your social media followers will be screaming for more of your stunning photography. 

The bottom grip works with any phone, while the top grip is adjustable in size thanks to its softer substance. It's never been simpler to get your dogs to stay still. Just tell them to "Cheese" and you're good to go.

How amazing it is that you can get a stunning holiday present with just five to six dollars! But it’s more fascinating if you bring something unique to the party. Try these best cheap personalised gifts. We’re sure your friends will beam with joy.

Cleaning Gel Universal Dust Cleaner

Cleaning Gel Universal Dust Cleaner

It’s time for you, secret Santa, to give your friends a useful present that makes their cleaning tasks not a nightmare anymore. This universal dust cleaner from Color Coral is a brilliant choice if you want to surprise them with useful Secret Santa gifts under $10

It's perfect for cleaning keyboards and other devices that collect dust and dirt, making them as good as new in no time. Creating a gel ball and inserting it into the cracks is as easy as kneading the gel. When you pull away, the dirt comes right off with it.

The safe, non-toxic cleaning ingredient ensures that it won't irritate your skin or leave any residue on your fingers. The gel texture is adhesive enough to pick up dirt, but not so sticky that the blob ends up becoming glued to your hands. Besides keyboards, you can use dust removal gel on printers, remotes, calculators, electric fans, and more.

Phone Charger Cord Protector Animals

Phone Charger Cord Protector Animals

Add a cute and extra special touch to the gift exchange party by shopping funny Secret Santa gifts under $10 for your sisters or coworkers. Shop these phone charger cord protector animals and they’ll be a hit this festive season.

Adorable cable protectors are here to safeguard your device's cable and to stop it from becoming disconnected accidentally. They have a gap underneath where the cable can be inserted, securing it in place. These accessories will keep your data cable in pristine condition and improve the life of your cable by protecting it from wear and tear.

Accomplish a lot of work for very little cost, they’re creative and good Secret Santa gifts under $10 that everyone will want to flaunt this Christmas. Plus, they double as lovely desktop decorations and a source of joy for kids.

Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

It’s a safe bet here: no one can imagine that you could get this wonderful present with less than ten bucks. These stainless steel drinking straws will be a delight that makes everyone at the Secret Santa party envy.

They are made of high-quality stainless steel and can be used anywhere, in your morning smoothie or packed in your office lunch box. There are six silver drinking straws, both curved and straight, so you can choose the one that best suits your mood. Besides, they come with a reusable cleaning brush, and a tote bag adding years to their useful life. One pair will last a lifetime, replacing thousands of plastic drinking straws!

It’s good that they work with the vast majority of tumblers and coffee cups. Plus, it may be cleaned in the dishwasher for being robust and sturdy and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Excellent Secret Santa gifts under $10 for any environmentally aware friend or coworker! The lucky recipients will actually love this set and treasure it for years to come. 

Christmas ceramic mug

Christmas ceramic mug

When it comes to holiday gift exchanges, it's often the more thoughtful, personal Secret Santa gifts under $10 that end up making the largest impact. This Christmas-themed ceramic mug is the ideal gift for the frugal person on your list this holiday season, making every morning feel like a reason to celebrate.

It is made of white-glazed stoneware and has a cream-colored polar bear in a winter-themed sweater, with grey snowflakes falling all around. The mug's wide handle and traditional form make it comfortable to hold. This mug and a set of matching personalised mugs, along with some hot chocolate mix and marshmallows, would make one of the best Secret Santa gifts under $10 without blowing your budget.

Have further research for personalised t-shirts and other one-of-a-kind items for personalised gifts for mum or personalised gifts for best friends. Unique holiday presents with your additional touch are always appreciated.


It's a great way to enjoy the holidays with a group of friends, family members, or a book club by exchanging inexpensive gifts. The right Secret Santa present can be a fun search, but it's a tough endeavour to embark on. Whether you're shopping for your cousin or looking for gifts for coworkers you just met yesterday, the idea is to acquire a unique gift everyone likes, but not anything that'll break the budget.

Our collection of good Secret Santa gifts under $10 (that would also make terrific White Elephant gifts or stocking stuffers) will reduce your fears and offer you a stress-free gift exchange that you and the recipient will genuinely appreciate. Get some further personalised gifts to make the holiday more unique and meaningful.
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