60th Birthday Gifts for Dad, By Decree from Our Super-Finicky Staff
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60th Birthday Gifts for Dad, By Decree from Our Super-Finicky Staff

Posted 23 Feb 2023

Finding the perfect personalised gift for mom can be difficult, but it is even more challenging to search for the perfect 60th birthday gifts for dad or any other father figure in your life. Typically, he'll insist that he has no needs or wants because he has everything. Indeed, no present can possibly repay all that he has done for you. He supports you in every way, from being present at every one of your football games to offer the best (or worst) relationship advice, and therefore, he deserves to be treated like royalty with a special birthday gift for dad.

Don't worry, though; you still can look for a 60th birthday gift for dad that he can enjoy and put to good use on a daily basis. If he enjoys preparing meals, you may get him a useful item like a new grill or a special cookbook. If he puts in long hours on the go, consider getting him a revolutionary massager or a sleeping mask (which may be great personalised grandad giftstoo).

Here are some of the most popular 60th birthday gifts for dad, whether personalised gifts for dad or ready-made items you can take inspiration from. These include heartfelt keepsakes to relaxing delights to help you get started!

For the Dad Who Knows Comfort Is King

60th birthday gifts for dad that bring convenience to his life are many. With some careful consideration, the items below are going to be massive hits on his birthday!

Personalised T-shirt

personalised t-shirt

If you're looking for thoughtful 60th birthday gifts for dadconsider a personalised t-shirt that can withstand the test of time, much like his youthful vitality.

If you can find common ground with him in the areas of gardening, cooking, or rooting for his favourite football team, he'll be even more appreciative of your selection. To celebrate his 60th revolution around the sun, you can also write him a personalised card with special thank-you notes for everything he's done for his family! An ideal custom tee for him to wear would make him enjoy it much more than anything. You can't go wrong with these as birthday gifts for the guys in your life because they're significant and can be worn with almost everything.

Mini Portable Massager

mini portable massage

These child-sized 60th birthday gifts for dad are the mini versions of the phenomenally successful massage gun. They can provide up to 2,400 pulses per minute, ensuring that there is always a solution for dad's weary muscles.

Theragun Mini is small enough to slip into any bag or pocketbook while remaining powerful. The massage gun also comes with a nice zippered case in which to keep it. There is also a charger included. However, there is just one head attachment - the widely appealing ball head attachment.

Negative reviews, which are few, complain about their Mini failing to work after a short period of time or having charging issues. These tend to be isolated issues with distinct devices, so the Mini receives a thumbs-up from the vast majority of buyers.

For the Dedicated Napper

Nothing disturbs dedicated sleepers more than outside noises and rough surfaces. With these amazing 60th birthday gifts for dad, you’re helping him eliminate all the nuisances that could ruin his favourite time of the day!

Personalised Pillow

personalised pillow

This one-of-a-kind personalised pillow will help him unwind and drift off to dreamland in no time!

A custom pillow is a great home accent since it can be used for relaxing or as a decorative piece. Upon receiving the fantastic 60th birthday gifts for dad, he'll probably put them out on display as a constant reminder of his love for you. He can even arrange the pillow on the couch in the living room for everybody to see.

Sometimes, the best gifts give the receivers comfort they can’t find elsewhere. You can achieve this with your beautiful, tailor-made pillow design. Personalising it with his name, some of his favourite pictures, and heartfelt words can ensure that it is something he treasures for a lifetime!

HappyLight Lumi Plus

Getting through the long, gloomy winter months is never easy. Make life a little easier on your beloved male figure with one of our top picks for 60th birthday gifts for dadThe HappyLight Lumi Plus. It increases daylight and is claimed to "improve sleep, happiness, focus, and energy".

Sunlight is a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle, yet many of us do not get enough of it to reap its benefits. The light therapy lamp is fully customisable, allowing your dad to create an experience that is entirely unique to him. He can use it at home, the office, the dorm, or when travelling to feel his best self!

With a detachable stand, he can use the HappyLight Lumi Plus wherever or mount it on the wall in a convenient location for his daily light therapy regimen.

For the Green-Thumb

Gardening is a healthy and rewarding activity, and the best 60th birthday gift for dad at the same time!

From an indoor garden to a wildflower confetti cannon and a cut-glass plant mister that looks like a vintage perfume bottle, this gift guide has something for every personality, skill level, and gardening style.

Hydroponic Indoor Garden

indoor garden

The 3-Pod Sprout garden is an ultra-compact indoor garden that can be placed on a kitchen counter or tabletop with its narrow, space-saving design. It has a height of 10 inches.

Thanks to its sleek modern design, innovative silent pump, and simple soft-touch button for controlling lights and resetting plant food reminders, he may enjoy greater plant growth in the comfort of his own home with the creative 60th birthday gifts for dadGrowing three plants at once is possible, provided they don't exceed ten inches in height. Growing plants without soil is as easy as growing them in water. The 10-watt LED grow lights are full spectrum, so they adjust to the plants' demands and encourage rapid, natural development and plentiful harvests by maximising photosynthesis.

Heavy-Duty Tote Bag Storage Organizer

This high-quality olive-green waxed canvas garden tool tote has an extra-thick wax coating that repels water and soil while also strengthening the tool bag so it can stand on its own. The stylish canvas bag with black herringbone trim measures 12" tall by 14.5" wide and is perfect for most hand tools.

He can organise his gardening tools in eight large 8" deep pockets with tool support bands, keeping all of his tools, seeds, and supplies within reach. The interior compartment is fully lined with dirt-relief eyelets, and the synthetic leather bottom keeps moisture and dirt out.  A magnetic snap closure also makes it simple to close the main compartment. This 60th birthday gift for dad is a fantastic gift for gardeners!

For the Frequent Flyer

Block out unwanted noise and chatter to give him a peaceful flight with these ingenious 60th birthday gifts for dad!

Sleep Mask

sleep mask

The sleeping eye mask consists of an opaque, high-density Memory Foam that is only 0.4oz and 0.6cm thick. This thin, comfy mask perfectly blocks light, ensuring your father a restful night on his trip!

Thanks to the use of 3D technology to tune sizes and maximise comfort, its contour mask shades feature huge eye holes. The 60th birthday gifts for dad thickened the nasal bridge and lifted the nasal bridge for him.

What's more, these sleep eye masks come with two high-quality earplugs and a silk travel case, allowing him to get a good night's sleep anywhere, at any time. Providing the best product to make your father's life easier may be the nicest thing you can do for his 60th birthday!

Apple AirPods

Apple's H2 processor enhances noise cancellation and sound immersion, which may have been everything your dad has longed for on a flight! The low-distortion offers crisp, pure high notes and deep, rich bass with amazing definition. Every sound shines in this thoughtful set of 60th birthday gifts for dad!

The Adaptive Transparency feature immediately adjusts for sirens and construction, giving him some quiet moments he’ll appreciate. The charging case also provides 30 hours of listening time - 6 hours more than AirPods Pro (1st generation).

For more entertainment, the airpods come with an easy setup, in-ear detection, and automatic device switching. Audio Sharing lets two AirPods on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple TV share a song or show, letting him enjoy his favourite programmes to the max!

For the Dad Who Already Had Everything

Never think he’ll refuse heartfelt 60th birthday gifts for dad even if he’s collected everything he wants for ages. A personalised poster or canvas print will put a smile on his face if you’ve done it correctly!

Custom Canvas

personalised canvas

Hanging artwork is a common way to give your house more character. For dad's 60th birthday, a personalised canvas of some of his favourite family images is a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

As your dad reaches 60, you may make this a treasure by depicting important moments in his life on it. These canvases, printed on tough and durable materials, are sure to be a topic of discussion wherever they are displayed. The minimalist and unique style of this product allows it to work well with a variety of decor styles. Your dad will be very proud of you, so here's your chance to show off your fashion savvy, and, of course, your never-ending love for him!

Personalised Poster

If you want to remind your male loved ones of how wonderful they are, this poster is a great way to do it. Gift your dearest dad a personalised poster to liven up his wall. It's certainly ideal for any celebration, but particularly tailor-made as 60th birthday gift for dad!

You’ll have made his day by designing him a poster that features all of his favourite things and a short-and-sweet message, all in one. The durability of the poster is ensured by the excellent quality of the paper used, so choose your printing house carefully.

This stunning poster print is the perfect present for someone in their 60s thanks to the bespoke design and meaningful message. It can even bring your dad to tears upon receiving it on his much-awaited 60th birthday!


No matter how often you see the big guy or how far away you live from each other, you can still put a smile on his face by giving him some off-the-racks or personalised gifts that cater to the hobbies and passions he enjoys. We have 60th birthday gifts for dad suitable for every imaginable kind of father (they can make for pretty cool birthday gifts for nan or grandad gifts too, because of the versatility!)

Be ready to feel the love when your dad opens one of these wonderful 60th birthday gifts for dad this year. Ranging from simple gifts that he'll use every day to pricier options that he'll only break out for special occasions, be prepared to feel the love when your dad opens one of these gifts. He’ll definitely join the gang of overjoyed gift receivers!

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