Top Nan Birthday Gifts That'll Help You Earn the #1 Nana Spot
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Top Nan Birthday Gifts That'll Help You Earn the #1 Nana Spot

Posted 13 Feb 2023

Who doesn’t have a special place in their hearts for nannies? She is a warming figure and has been with us since the break of dawn. Your nanny has been there to comfort you when you’ve received a lesson from parents. She also cooks the most appetising meals when you drop by during the weekends of your visit. And that's why you need to pick the most bespoke nan birthday gifts to make her special day even more memorable.

Whatever items, make sure the item speaks for itself: You cannot choose things she doesn’t like to be the ultimate personalised gifts!

Gift-giving doesn’t need to be stressful. We've found the most thoughtful gifts any grandson or granddaughter can give, including a few things every grandma needs and many items every grandmother will want, such as an apron, a pair of warm slippers, pretty gardening gloves, and a book perfect for new grandmas. You can't go wrong with these nan birthday gifts if you want to shower your nan in love with personalised grandma giftsThanks to their versatility, they also inspire some of the best personalised gifts for mum on her birthday you can save for later.

Check them out here!

Best for the Home Cook

If your nan is into cooking, your best bet is to get her practical nan birthday gifts. Have you considered aprons and cookbooks? They’ll be amazing choices.

Five Two Ultimate Apron

nan apron

If she likes cooking, she will be grateful for this smartly made apron. It includes some potholders and even a handy conversion chart tucked in the pocket. These multiple built-ins will help your grandma save time when looking for her missing cooking utensils or simply to store more as she moves around the kitchen.

Aprons are used to represent the hard work and dedication of mothers and housewives from the beginning of time. It is now meant to be a celebration to all homemakers, regardless of gender. These high-quality cotton aprons are the ideal, practical culinary present for everyone, any time of the year! Your nana would surely love it thanks to the thoughts put into the gift.

If she enjoys cooking, she will appreciate this ingenious apron as one of the bespoke nan birthday gifts. Meanwhile, definitely don’t purchase an apron for an adventurous, outdoorsy grandma who’s not your typical homecook granny!

Hungry Hearts Essay

This collection of essays by authors like Sue Monk Kidd and thought leaders like Luvvie Ajayi Jones on ways to live in loving relationships (with oneself and others) may provide the motivation your grandma needs to take the next step in her life. Articles here explore the many paths to self-love and interpersonal happiness.

A little more knowledge in life never hurts anyone. In fact, these highly tailored nan birthday gifts might be the solution your beloved grandma is looking for: Is she satisfied with her life? Are there any missing pieces you can help put together for her? These bespoke gifts will take her to the next level of self-discovery. As a result, she’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Take note, however, whether your nan loves reading. If she’s more of the audio type, you don’t want to give her a book on her birthday. Instead, go for an audiobook.

Best For the Pet-Loving Grandma

Is your grandma a dog or a cat person? Either way, we have some tried-and-true suggestions that can appeal to any furry-friend parent. Our top recommendation is that you can curate your gift set, such as transforming them into personalised gifts for dog lovers and cat lovers, depending on your knowledge about your nan!

Cat Hanger Hook

cat hanger hook

Got a granny who likes to declutter her house? These cute cat hooks are the real deal for nan birthday gifts!

Her home is now complete with a wall hanging of a clawed cat, guaranteeing a smile every time somebody enters. These lovely kittens can hold up to 20 pounds without causing any damage. As a result, it can be a powerful and endearing item to put into your nan birthday gifts. Just add some notes and decorations as you might, along the way! It can be fun just imagining your granny’s reaction upon receiving the gift.

The overall hook set may be too closely spaced for many people, despite the fact that it can hold heavy weight. There is a slight chance that your grandmother will be unable to hang on the hooks all of the items that she would like to.

Cat Happy at Home Kit

cat care kit

Remember that time when you visited gran’s house and her favourite cat just tainted her favourite personalised mug with some horrendous smell?

This quartet of plant-and-mineral-based grooming and cleaning solutions will keep their feline clean and all her belongings untainted. This is a practical nan birthday gifts’ set for this reason. No matter how many feline friends she has, every corner will maintain its conditions thanks to the powerful spray!

There are several alternatives available, including probiotic, laundry booster, little box deodorizer, and urine & door destroyer. When you give her a visit, take note of the scents her cats are bringing into the house. Then, based on the purpose, you may select the best spray to diffuse those smells from her house.

Use these no-brainer kits to make their life simpler! Keep in mind that if she is allergic to any fragrance or chemical, don't include that sprayer in your birthday gift selection.

Best For the Morning Walker

Is your granny a morning person? Take a look at our top choices for the early birds!

Tiled Margot Mug

monogram mug

Make your grandma's morning coffee (or cup of tea) a little more memorable by giving her a mug that was created specifically for her use!

A cup of hot tea or coffee in the morning is always a good idea. This mug, while it is functional, is also decorated with vintage and classic hexagonal shapes. The heart-like handle and neutral brown colour give it an exquisite taste. If your grandma loves coffee (or tea, as we British folks do) dearly, definitely pick these mugs to make her morning linger a little more!

You can shop for the letter that is her name’s initials, wrap the mug in a beautiful bag, and send it to her as one of the most thoughtful nan birthday gifts ever! Make sure to know her favourite colour before choosing, though: We know some elderly people have extremely high taste, even a mismatched colour palette can be reasons to upset them!

Warmies Slippers

warm slippers

Have you ever heard of warming up your slippers in the microwave to make them even more comfortable?

Oprah praised the luxury comfort of these slippers, calling them one of her favourite things to buy. They are stuffed with natural grain and French lavender to deliver the maximum in relaxation and enjoyment, which is something that your grandmother truly needs during the harsh winter days. This may be the perfect as a birthday gift ( or Mother's Day gift, really), especially if she enjoys taking a leisurely stroll about the home in the wee hours of the morning, brewing a steaming cup of tea.

This is in our top nan birthday gifts’ choices thanks to its usefulness. Nothing speaks of care and warmth more than this bespoke pair of slippers! Also, pay attention to her skin allergies (if any) because she might react to the lavender scent and natural grains stuffed with it.

Best for the Gardening Grandma

And now come our nan birthday gifts for those who have a green finger! These amazing choices will make her gardening even more enjoyable.

Floral Weeder Glove Gift Set

This gardener's kit is the ideal present for someone who has a natural talent for gardening and spends a lot of time tending to the plants she adores.

The set comes complete with both a sturdy pair of gloves with lovely embellishments as well as a bar of soap for her to use when she has finished gardening. Tell her not to worry about the dirty gloves after she does a large deal of gardening: Dirt and soil may be easily scraped away from the fabric if the gloves are hard, and they can be washed if they are fresh. Plus, the design itself is truly a dedication to flowers and its lovers. After all, who doesn't want a little bit of spring and some flowers in their lives?

This is truly a thoughtful present that may be put to good use in everyday life. Get one as nan birthday gifts now!

Flower Vase

flower vase

In vogue, these beautiful vases for plants and flowers provide a stylish touch to your house, garden, kitchen, and balcony. If your grandma loves natural beauty, get her one of these sturdy flower pots now!

These flower vase are manufactured out of high-quality material that is water-resistant and come in a gorgeous stone colour, which will look great with any kind of decoration. The containers are versatile enough for her to use for all of her planting and gardening endeavours. What’s special about them is that they weigh next to nothing yet are remarkably tough.

Larger containers for indoor plants allow for more stable root development and ultimately stronger, healthier plants overall. Your gardener granny will definitely know this by heart. What’s keeping you from giving these as the greatest nan birthday gifts to her? But make sure to let her know these pots will occupy quite some space, so she might want to put them outside.

Best for Any Grandma

What if none of these above-mentioned gifts speak to you? No worries, we still have some more nan birthday gifts that are customised to her taste. Let’s find out now!

Personalised Poster

personalised poster

Given that a personalised poster is such a good choice for nan birthday giftsit is sensible to consider buying one for your granny who’s surrounded by lovely grandchildren. It is also an excellent way to tell her how much she’s loved and missed everyday!

The poster can be customised based on the number of grandkids she has, so don’t worry if the figures are not the same as your family members. After all, it is a fantastic chance for you to give your granny some art and love coming from the bottom of your heart. 

Even brief gestures of thanks have the power to put a smile on anyone's face and make their day even brighter. It is no secret that your grandma deserves all the love and attention in the world. On her important day, be the reason for her to smile whenever she thinks of the personalised poster you have poured your heart into!

Personalised Canvas

personalised canvas

personalised canvas is certain to leave an impression on everyone who visits your granny, not only on her much-anticipated birthday, but everyday of the year. The creative nan birthday gifts are an excellent way to keep her dearest, most treasured grandchildren close to her no matter how far apart. The family tree that includes her grandchildren's names on the branches will demonstrate how closely related all of you are to one another. There is nothing that will be more meaningful to your nan than to see all of you together, in your entirety!

This canvas has the power to turn her home into a cosier place now that she has her family by her side - it’s literally written on the wall! On her birthday, let’s impress her with your amazing taste in artwork and understanding about your beloved grandma. It’s not an exaggeration at all to say she’ll remember you for a lifetime.


Your granny was there for you during your childhood, and she’ll be there to see you grow even beyond imagination. Her affection is boundless, from giving you candies to preparing excellent home-cooked dinners when you visit. Choosing the right nan birthday gifts will be a small yet meaningful gesture to give back a portion of love she has for you. A terrific nan birthday gift from you (her favourite grandson or granddaughter), will leave a lasting impression on her for many years to come. A stirring gift will give you more confidence, especially when you go shopping for birthday gifts for mum later on, for example!

It’s the thoughts that count and the actions that speak volumes of your love. Make sure you’ve done thorough research about your nan’s preferences and you’re almost there! In the end, it’s your love for the person that motivates you to choose the most meaningful gifts, be them birthday gifts for brotherbirthday gifts for grandador for a family member you’re close to.

We wish you a fruitful gift shopping session!

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