Step Dad Gifts to Make Your "Bonus Dad" Feel Loved This Father's Day and Beyond
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Step Dad Gifts to Make Your "Bonus Dad" Feel Loved This Father's Day and Beyond

Posted 08 Feb 2023

We honour all the fathers and grandfathers who have played a role in our upbringing, whether they be our biological parents or yes, your stepfather as well. Step dad is a gift from heaven. Though he may talk a big game and say that he doesn't want any step dad gifts for Father's Day, but you know better. Because when he says he wants nothing, he wants something.

Finding the most suited choice might be an ultimately impossible mission, especially if he has everything he needs. That's why we've compiled a list of the top easy-to-buy and even personalised gifts for dad. These are all thoughtful options, from custom t-shirts or a set of scented candles to let him feel the love. We’ve also included useful step dad gifts, such as some pillows, coffee samplers, et cetera. For those who love nothing but quality time with their loved ones, you can also go for brain teaser games or a baseball game set.

Whether you're looking for Father's Day gifts, birthday, wedding anniversary gifts or a Christmas gift set, give your beloved stepfather the most heartfelt, store-purchased or personalised gifts to make him feel cherished. Let’s explore them now!

Father's Day Gifts for Step Dad

Step dad gifts should be something practical. You’ll find some of these personalised Father's Day gifts that could also be highly useful items for everyday use.

"Forget Father's Day, We Love You Everyday" Mug

personalised mug

Your words “Dear Daddy, Forget Father’s Day, We Love You Everyday” on the illustrative personalised mug. Love starts with small, but thoughtful gestures. How much more delighted can he be when reading this out loud?

He’ll also see his lovely children as cartoon characters on the sturdy mug. All of them smiling brightly shows a good start to his day, whether he’s pouring in his coffee or tea. Start inserting little bits of love into his life through the wonderful step dad gifts - a great combo of lovely images, meaningful quotes, and beautiful design!

"Dad" Personalised Canvas

personalised canvas

A heartfelt message in a framable personalised canvaswhat could be a better way to show your affection towards your step dad? The uniqueness of these step dad gifts doesn’t simply lie in the creative lettering: Inside each, a photo of your choice will be displayed to remind your stepfather of his most treasured moments. You can select three photos to represent these happy memories down the lane, so choose wisely!

At the bottom of the canvas, there is a sweet caption that showers your stepdad, once again, with unconditional love from you. It’s all he needs to know that you will be there for him much as he has always been there for you. Truly a touching gift we are all rooting for this Father’s Day!

Birthday Gifts for Step Dad

Simple is the best: Most step dad gifts follow this statement, but that doesn't make it dull or uninteresting. After all, some fun personalised t-shirts or a practical gift set may make his birthday even more lovely!

"Don't Mess With Papasaurus" Custom Tee

custom tee

Show your stepfather how much you appreciate his sense of humour with this "Don't Mess with Papasaurus or You'll Get Jurasskicked" personalised t-shirt. This design has a clever play on words, personalise the number of dinosaurs to correspond with the total number of children he has, and also add names to each dinosaur. This tee would be an excellent birthday gift for him, as there is no greater source of happiness for a father who adores his family than to see all of his cherished children laughing and playing together. These cute little dinosaurs are just as adorable as his children (including you)! 

Emergency Preparedness Kit

survival kit

Got a stepdad who’s into preparation? You cannot please him with any better step dad gifts than this emergency preparedness kit. It’s designed using the best materials in creating the life-saving tools for outdoor activities. If your stepfather does not have a strategy in place for dealing with an emergency, this may help him big time!

This is a family-sized emergency kit with enough food and water to last for 72 hours. There are three pre-assembled containers containing these survival essentials: One for tools and first aid, another for security and clothing, and a third for nourishment and hydration.

Even when he’s not going to use it in these dire situations, your stepdad can easily carry it to outdoor camping. A first aid kit is always useful when you’re far from the city’s heart, not just in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Step Dad

A little love in the air for your favourite parents, these thoughtful step dad gifts will light up his day! Soft, sweet, and ultimately practical, these guarantee a joyful experience.

"You Are My Favourite Person" Pillow

personalised pillow

How many times has your step dad said “You are my favourite person” to your mum? Not enough! This romantic personalised pillow will help him say the lovebound sentence a million times better. The high-quality print with both his and your mum's names will be a persuasive depiction of their love no matter where it is displayed - on his bed, on the living room sofa, or anywhere else.

Their names signify that they have a long-lasting love for one another, as well as patience and support for one another no matter what. Furthermore, great personalised gifts for couples like this one may spark some discussions about how they both obtained their first dates with interested guests; after all, who knows?

Scented Candles for Men

scented candle

The matte black finish of the Craft & Kin candle jar complements every room in the house. If you're looking for unique and thoughtful step dad gifts on his anniversary, go no further than these luxurious black-scented candles.

This 7.6-ounce candle is scented with a blend of masculine scents, including citrus, lavender, vetiver, and moss. Each candle is presented in a beautiful gift box that is ideal for giving. He may indulge in the long-lasting, powerful aroma of this luxury candle scented with the best essential oils: Lavender wood, old leather, a woodsy fireplace, or pine and clove are all great aromas for men, and help him relax and unwind. What gifts can be more ideal than these tailor-handmade candles?

Christmas Gifts for Step Dad

Family time is here! These well-selected step dad gifts will allow him to spend quality time with his family members. While you can purchase them from online stores, you can turn them into meaningful, personalised Christmas gifts with a little note and holiday cards for extra spirit!

Brain Teaser Game

brain teasing game

Seeking all the smartest stepfathers out there! These stunning rosewood mind puzzles will keep him occupied long enough for you and your mum to enjoy at least one romantic comedy.

After a long day of work, he can relax with these three brain-teasing step dad gifts. It's recommended to warm up his brain cells with the easier cross and star-shaped brainteasers before tackling the most challenging of the bunch, the snake cube. Taking them apart is the easy part; putting them back together is where his problem-solving skills will really be put to the test. If he can bear to put them away, all three fit neatly within a wooden box with a glass lid. Rosewood used in the carving was sourced from India.

Whiskey Stones Gift Set

whisky stone gift set

This elegant, rough crate contains two rocks glasses, eight granite whisky stones, a whisky stone storage tray, metal tongs, slate coasters, and more, all perfect for serving whisky. Your stepfather will likely put it on prominent display in his home or office.

This whisky set is built to last a lifetime, and it is tailored to suit the stones perfectly. This set of crystal glasses and coasters depicting famous whisky phrases will elevate your drinking spirit to the next level.

These granite whisky rocks won't melt like regular ice, so he may sip your drink without diluting the flavour. This step dad giftcontained in a stylish, rustic wooden crate, is a pleasure to unwrap and would be appreciated by any whisky connoisseur in your life.

For Any Celebration

More step dad gifts for literally any occasion ever! Whether you want to surprise him after a long week of constant working, or spoiling him with the best coffee ever, we have something for each.

World Explorer's Coffee Sampler

coffee sampler

We can think of no better present for the coffee connoisseur in your life than this sampler set, which combines deliciousness and global exploration. Single-origin, roasted coffee beans from all over the world are included in each carefully picked bag.

A worldly assortment of single-origin, expertly roasted coffee beans are packed in these one-of-a-kind step dad giftsIf you've come to the conclusion that coffee has more to offer than just caffeine and have started along the Road to Better Brews, you've committed yourself for good. This world-hopping quartet of tunes is like a care package for the coffee enthusiast. Pick four or five single-origin coffees, one for each of the following flavour profiles. The gift will be greatly appreciated by your stepfather, who also happens to be a coffee connoisseur!

Home Team Baseball Game

home team baseball

All the stepfathers who enjoy a good game night will go crazy for this miniature stadium. It's not just cute to look at; it'll keep the whole family entertained for hours.

There will be enough for two teams of up to four players each. The game begins when the first batter reaches home and a dice is rolled. Find the corresponding dice combination on one of the two billboards in left field and then direct your players accordingly. Be sure to use the provided dry erase board to keep score. 

Time to put away the electronics for a while and spend some quality time with your loved ones by engaging in some good ol' fashioned games and activities. The ball is in your court.


Your "bonus" dad didn't necessarily give you life, but you got him because you were lucky enough to be born. Shower him with a wonderful step dad gifts in return, why not?

We understand how difficult it can be to shop for a father figure, which is why we've put up this guide to help you find the best present for him. For each specific occasion, you can aim for a variety of choices. Remember, just like buying nan and grandad giftsyou really have to understand his liking inside out. A cute pillow for his wedding anniversary or a custom tee with a lovely message, to each your own! Don’t be afraid to go over the top with your creativity, though. He’ll cherish your thoughts for him anyways.
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