40th Birthday Gifts for Him: The Ultimate List Gifts For Men That Will Start Off His Forties Right
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40th Birthday Gifts for Him: The Ultimate List Gifts For Men That Will Start Off His Forties Right

Posted 24 Feb 2023

They say choosing 40th birthday gifts for him will never cause a stir, cause their male recipients are notoriously easy to shop for. Hey, don’t be like this! The 40th birthday is a milestone for many reasons, and the birthday gifts should be something special, whether they are birthday gifts for dad, husband, birthday gifts for brother, or your guy friend.

Around the ripe old age of forty, one is said to truly begin living. We tend to be more receptive to new ideas and more open-minded in general around the age of 40, presumably because we have accumulated life experience under our belts! So when someone in your family or friends turns 40, it is a significant milestone in their lives. Keep these meanings in mind whether you’re looking for anniversary or holiday items, like personalised Father's Day gifts or personalised Christmas gifts down the line!

It will pay off well if you take the effort to give thoughtful 40th birthday gifts for himPick a present for his birthday that shows how much you care. Your gift could be related to his favourite pastime, something he can use every day, or something that appeals to the tastes of people in their forties. The top presents for a man turning 40 are here for your reference!

For Dads

Looking for special daddy birthday gifts should be easy with our top recommendations. From a personalised t-shirt to a beautiful custom mug, you’re going to wow your dad with these curated 40th birthday gifts for him!

Personalised T-shirt

personalised t-shirts

If you're looking for meaningful 40th birthday gifts for him, try a personalised t-shirt that brings him to his young, summer days on a road trip with friends! Finely printed characters that resemble him and his loved ones make this gift even more special.

You can easily customise it with his name, favourite quotes (if any), and literally everything else you see fit! Being close to your father for such a long time, sure you’ll know what will send him rolling on the floor. Go for funny messages as you’d like to. But if you are more of an emotional person, you can also use some lovely and heartwarming lines to attach to the custom tee. He’ll be over the moon upon receiving your gift on his 40th birthday! 

Personalised Mug

personalised mugs

We have reasons to believe personalised mugs make fantastic 40th birthday gifts for him. While the easily customisable design is something you can find in most shops, it’s the combination of heartfelt messages and functional value the mugs offer that stand out.

If your father is a heavy tea (or coffee) drinker, level up his game with some lasting mugs. Choose a porcelain-made one if he’s into elegant forms and ceramic mugs for strength and durability. Sometimes, things that make your dad happy simply are those that he does on a daily basis - such as sipping coffee from a mug tailor-made for him, a perfect personalised grandad gift, too!

So choose all the images and texts you want to include in the custom coffee mugs for your dad, and get ready to become his fave kid.

For Brothers

There are plenty of choices for a bespoke birthday gift for brother. Discover a few practical 40th birthday gifts for him that’ll make his day brighter!

Anti-Theft Travel Laptop Bag

anti-theft laptop travel bag

This anti-theft laptop bag offers the utmost comfort and ergonomic support for your brother’s device. It is also resistant to water and comes with an external USB connector that has a built-in fast charging USB 4.0 cable. This enables him to charge his electronic gadgets in a convenient manner no matter where he is. It is the kind of present that would be ideal for a man who is always on the move.

Many consumers like how easy it is to find the zipper on the external pocket and the additional storage spots on the rear of the backpack that face your back. It includes a USB connection to which he may connect your portable charger while keeping everything inside your bag. When he is at the airport and cannot find a charging station, the creative 40th birthday gifts for him will definitely come in handy.

Monthly New Hobby Subscription Box

Because forty is a significant amount of time to spend on this planet, it's possible that your brother is searching for new experiences to add some excitement to his life. With the 40th birthday gifts for himhe just discovered his new favourite music. The intriguing and varied assortment of tasks that are sent to him in the monthly subscription box is fun to work on. Everything from welding to woodcarving is fair game to experiment with.

Thanks to the diversity of items in the hobby box, your dear brother will never be bored again. Fun and thrills are never enough in one’s life, so your best bet is to subscribe to some more.

For Boyfriend/Husband

Custom Canvas Print

personalised canvas

Ah, husbands, can't live with them, can't live without them. Soft and sweet 40th birthday gifts for him alert! You’re sure to make his living space cosier with these thoughtful items.

With a personalised canvas, you may invigorate a bedroom, living area, dining room, or nursery with an array of brilliant colours or muted hues that fit your lifestyle. You can also adjust the mood you intend to create by selecting the ideal piece of wall art.

Give him these stunning and one-of-a-kind wall decorations with a customised canvas! Most printing houses combine cutting-edge technology with your most cherished memories to achieve this.

Let’s make an original piece of artwork that will stand the test of time and be admired by your hubby! You can frame your most cherished and beloved memories all the way down to your wedding day. It is simple to capture and keep these memorable moments with the help of this 40th birthday gift for him!

Personalised Pillow

Wishing him a good night's sleep has never been easier with this personalised pillowNot only can it be filled to the brim with breathtaking design, the pillow itself is already a tool for relaxation and comfort. There’s no better way of saying “I love you” than to introduce him to some stress relief, starting with the bespoke gift! Imagine his happiness when coming home to the loving arms of these pillows. You don’t want to miss out on his reaction!

Most modern pillowcases are crafted from 100% cotton canvas and would look lovely in any bedroom. Don't pass up the chance to bring something special and meaningful to add to your bedding with these 40th birthday gifts for him!

For Guy Friends

Nothing best friends can do for each other, including some fantastic 40th birthday gifts for him. For your guy friend’s 40th birthday, delve into our recommendations to bring the party to life, from personalised best friend gifts to functional, long-lasting gifts.

Personalised Doormat

personalised door mats

This one-of-a-kind personalised doormat is perfect for welcoming guests into your home throughout the holiday season, and can be one your guy friend will appreciate!

Thanks to the special design you customise, it is ideal for use on decks, patios, and entryways, providing a friendly greeting to guests that visit his house.

These kinds of one-of-a-kind doormats have the potential to significantly improve the overall visual appeal of a house. What's more, they can be easily cleaned in the washing machine, making them perfect for usage in any and all residential homes! Simply remind him to wash the personalised doormats in a separate load in the washing machine using cold water and a gentle detergent.

Carbon Fiber Wallet

carbon fiber wallet

People sometimes carry the same wallet for many years before realising that it's time to buy a new one. Wallets are one of those personal objects that people tend to neglect until it's too late. If you've observed that your friend is still using the wallet he had in college, there is no better time than now to give this cool-looking multipurpose carbon fibre wallet that can contain his cards and money as 40th birthday gifts for him now!

This gadget is both a card holder and a metal money clip for storing currency banknotes. It may be placed not only in bags, but also on belts and pockets for simple travel. Explore the distinctive lifestyle with this versatile wallet!

For Every Other Man

Doesn’t know what to get for a male relative on their birthday? These 40th birthday gifts for him will give you a head start and guarantee to put a smile on their face thanks to the practicality and beautiful design of each.

Decanter Set with Tray


The experience of drinking whiskey from a decanter in the style of the 19th century is noticeably different from drinking the liquor straight from the bottle. Every man who appreciates whiskey eagerly awaits the day when he will be able to purchase a decanter set of his very own so that he may flaunt it in front of his buddies.

He’ll sip in elegance with this bourbon decanter set, whether he’s drinking whiskey on the rocks, tequila straight, or making superb cocktails. This creative whiskey set can fit right in on any table, with any liquor, from old-fashioned drinks to Shirley Temple mocktails, or a formal dinner party to a casual get-together.

If your male friend hasn’t owned a set yet, giving these keepsakes as 40th birthday gifts for him would most likely be very much appreciated!

Adjustable Tablet Stand

Tablets are quite popular these days because they bridge the gap between using a personal computer (PC) or laptop and using a mobile phone (mobile phone). They are portable and give users the ability to browse a whole web page, in contrast to a mobile site or an inferior version that is displayed on the screen of a smartphone, which is significantly smaller.

There are currently a lot of people who use tablets instead of laptops, but working with a tablet while sitting at a desk may be rather stressful unless you have a tablet stand that can be adjusted. These 40th birthday gifts for him who is approaching 40 will go a long way to make life simpler.


Buying a birthday gift for a man over 30 is no easy feat. Since this is a time of change, it seems logical to give 40th birthday gifts for him that are more special than the typical birthday present. Items that help the recipient relax or pamper themselves, or allow them to further indulge in a favourite hobby (like a nice cutting board for the home chef) will make the best personalised gifts. They could also be one-of-a-kind pieces that he could have for the next four decades. These 40th birthday gifts for him are all excellent options for that one special male figure in your life, who’s busy celebrating his fabulous fortieth birthday!

Do you still recall his reaction when you first purchased 18th birthday gifts for him or unique 21st birthday gifts for him down memory lane? The same should apply to 40s: His birthday should still be special and celebrated with the same cheer as when he was younger!

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