Top Secret Santa Gifts Under $5 If You Need Some Holiday Inspo
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Top Secret Santa Gifts Under $5 If You Need Some Holiday Inspo

Posted 17 Mar 2023

If you're playing a Secret Santa game and want to make everyone happy but don’t need to break the bank, consider this collection of the best Secret Santa gifts under $5 for people of all ages on your list.

Your loved ones deserve the nicest gifts, and when there are items out there like stunning beauty products and top-of-the-line electronic gadgets, it’s all too tempting to buy them all. But it turns out you can genuinely get thoughtful, personalised gifts for individuals without piling up that credit card debt. Who knew?

We have collected the "coolest" little Secret Santa gifts under $5 for him and her. You can put your faith in the fact that there is a suitable present here for every person whose name you might choose, be your bestie or your nephew whom you meet once a year. Santa, I hope you have a wonderful shopping experience!

Take a further look at our ultimate gift guide for the most charming personalised Christmas gifts and funny Secret Santa gifts

that’ll never go unnoticed. Every item will be a delight that makes your holiday much more cheerful.

Secret Santa Gifts Under $5 For Kids

Kids find the whole concept of Secret Santa appealing. If you're on the hunt for Secret Santa presents on a low budget for them, these suggestions should help you out!

When choosing a present, consider the recipient's age, interests, and hobbies. You might also base your decision on current fads. If you know they have a strong interest in sports, you may get them a team shirt or some brand-new sports gear. Buy them some personalised gifts if you want something more sentimental.

We have found some wonderful baby Christmas gifts certain to give laughs and cuddles. For an additional unique touch, browse these personalised Christmas gifts.

Christmas Kid Socks

christmas kid socks

In search of appropriate Secret Santa gifts under $5 for kids? With so many choices, these colourful socks stand out for being cute, practical, and festive. They’ll put you in a pleasant mood and create a nice Christmas environment!

Produced from the highest quality microfiber, they have an extremely soft and fluffy relaxing sensation that keeps your feet toasty all winter long. Each sock is highly elastic and can be worn by kids of varying foot sizes. It also has an elastic band at the top that is easier to put on and take off and is less likely to stretch out of shape over time. ideal for wearing around the house or outside.

These festive novelty socks will be perfect for getting your little ones in the spirit of funny Secret Santa gifts under $5. Put on a pair of warm socks and cuddle up this holiday season with designs featuring festive favourite Christmas characters.

If you have another thought of giving more unique attire, personalised T-shirts or custom Xmas socks are not a bad idea. They’ll make the holiday cheerful in a meaningful way.

Reindeer Christmas Balloon

Wow your little kids with fashionable balloons, ideal as pleasant surprises on Christmas morning, funny Secret Santa gifts under $5, or as a decoration for your festive celebration.

These festive walking 3D Red-Nosed Rudolph Reindeer foil balloons are a great way to get in the holiday spirit. They are crafted from high-quality aluminium foil films that are non-toxic, durable, and tear-resistant, and will last for many uses to come. The balloons’ smooth surface makes them pleasant to the touch, and their shiny finish and charming red nose are a perfect complement to your Christmas decor this year.

Everyone will be happy when they see these cheerful balloons of reindeer. They’re cute enough to become a holiday favourite of your little ones. Indulge in some quality family time while decorating for an upcoming animal-themed party with these bright balloons, which won't need a lot of time or effort yet will provide a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

Christmas Elf Toy Knitting Pattern

Christmas Elf Toy Knitting Pattern

If you want to create a one-of-a-kind item on the shelf for some cute holiday decorations or special Secret Santa gifts under $5 for him or her, here you'll find elf knitting patterns to help you create your very own mischievous elves. This delightful duet is perfect holiday entertainment for kids and may be used year after year.

The elf is a seasonal favourite and the backbone of the Christmas industry. Who else would be responsible for assembling all of the yarn toys we've requested from Santa if the elves weren't toiling away in the workshop around the clock?

These Waldorf-style elves are adorable in their simplicity. Knitables are a line of presents, toys, and decorations that are both fun and easy to knit while being delightful, soft, and cuddly. Their festive design will inject fun and whimsy into any Christmas event. These funny Secret Santa gifts under $5 will impress your kids while being a perfect addition to any holiday gathering.

First Years Stack N Count Cups

These brilliant baby toys are the most creative Secret Santa presents that you can get for any kid that you know. A stackable set of eight colourful cups are perfect for various fun and wise activities. The basic yet entertaining game options offered by nesting stacking cups explain their widespread appeal.

They can be used from the time a child is born and well into their early childhood. Babies find great amusement in stacking, knocking over, and nesting these brightly colored toy cups. When your little one is ready to start learning their numbers, each of the eight cups features a unique huge number etched on the base. They can also be used as a fun bathtime toy for toddlers. The bottoms of these play cups are perforated with various shapes for more enjoyment in the shower or kiddie pool. Especially, kids can practise counting and reading numerals by learning with big numbers on the bottom.

These toy cups truly count on providing hours of entertainment. Such great Secret Santa gifts under $5 that any parent should not miss!

Mini Christmas Stockings

mini christmas stockings

Miniature Christmas stockings depicting holiday symbols not only make excellent funny Secret Santa gifts under $5 for her but are also lovely ornaments for your tree or the walls of your home, or other festive gatherings.

Gift opening is a thrilling experience for children. They will be overjoyed to hang these stockings next to the fireplace and sleep with them each night. On Christmas morning, they'll be brimming with anticipation.

The stockings are constructed from superior materials. They last, can be hung with little effort, and look great. Fill those stockings with treats (Christmas chocolate gifts, nuts, or toys) to turn your Secret Santa gifts under $5 into a more thoughtful present this holiday season!

Secret Santa Gifts Under $5 For Adults

Simple Secret Santa Gifts can brighten someone's day on the regular. Cheap doesn't have to equal low quality or impersonal, whether it's a tiny holiday gift or just something to show your appreciation. The true spirit of the holiday season is expressed when one person reaches out to another to demonstrate their affection for them with a gift. That's why it's the thought that matters.

The key to choosing a great and appropriate budget-limit present for adults is understanding them and buying something they’ll genuinely want or use. Here are some of the greatest ways to show your appreciation that won't break the bank, starting with just five dollars.

"I've Got This" Notepad


Looking for useful Secret Santa gifts under $5 for your friends or coworkers? This "I've Got This" Notepad from Carson Dellosa will be appreciated at any holiday event.

The convenience of having a single place to record their progress toward and realisation of their goals is not to be underestimated. Carson Dellosa's lignin-free and acid-free notepads come in a wide range of colours, forms, themes, and designs, making it enjoyable to take notes, play games, and make lists.

You've Got This Notepad is an inspirational daily planner that can be used to keep track of your notes, to-do list, and other important information. With compartments for each day of the week, it’s ideal for use as a meeting notepad, a desk pad, a college student's school supply list, or in any other stationary situation.

Find more personalised gifts for best friends to show how much you care. Along with this pad, they’ll create a useful and practical gift package that’ll make any one glow with joy.

Heart Shaped Trinket Dish

Choose Kate Aspen's heart shaped trinket dish if you want to surprise your recipient with practical, charming, and low-budget Secret Santa presents. It’s a lovely place to show off your jewels, coins, keys, and other small accessories.

This dish is an excellent option for sprucing up your bedside table or bookcases. The use of high-quality porcelain and the addition of gold finishing touches elevate its already luxurious nature. It’s also versatile because of the compact size that you may give it as a present and rest assured that it will be used often.

Shop for some to have adorable Secret Santa gifts under $5 for her or keep it as a cherished keepsake for yourself. This souvenir and ornament will be a hit for any gift exchanges this year.

No-Sew Microwavable Heating Pad

rice heating pad

Why not a DIY present for cute and thoughtful Secret Santa gifts under $5 for him or her? No-sew microwavable heating pads are sure to be a hit this holiday season. They provide instant treatment for tight or stiff muscles, sprains and bruises, or being used to warm up on cold days or cold nights.

These simple handmade rice heating pads are simple to create and can be made in just about 5 minutes. The best part is that you don't need to be a professional sewer in order to do it. Plus, an excellent approach to transform an ordinary rice sock into a soothing aromatherapy tool is to add some essential oils of your choice. A fantastic idea for Secret Santa gifts under $5 for him or her.

Thoughtful and one-of-a-kind pieces like this make great Christmas presents for anyone on your list. Explore these personalised gifts for mum, gifts for dad. Or If you’re finding a perfect way to convey your feelings, our collection of personalised grandad gifts will help. It's ideal for showing him how much you appreciate all that he does for you and your family over the years. A good way to say “Thank you and I love you!"

Colourful Bubble Candles

bubble candle

If you're seeking nice and cheap Secret Santa Presents for friends, family, or anybody else, go no further than these candles! Adults, teenagers, and tweens alike will adore receiving bubble candles as a Christmas present. You can customise your gift for them by selecting their favourite hue, size, and fragrance.

Created with only natural soy wax, these candles are of the highest quality. Plus, they are cruelty-free and good for the environment, making your present much more thoughtful. Beautiful and whimsical, they provide a splash of colour and fun to any room without adding unnecessary elements.

These aesthetically pleasing bubbles, which take the inspiration from the '80s, exude a laid-back, retro interior vibe and look well everywhere in the house or the office. Ideal to be conversation starters and elegant Secret Santa gifts under $5 for her.

Christmas Pashmina Shawl

christmas shawl

This shawl wrap will be wonderful choices for Secret Santa gifts under $5 this winter event. Being gentle on the skin, it will keep everyone toasty during cold days. It can be worn year-round, for every occasion, indoors or out. Plus, it's sturdy enough to keep the wind and cold at bay.

This scarf is one of a kind due to its elegant fashion style and the practical size. It is woven from a blend of springtime-harvested cashmere wool and premium-grade polyester fibre, creating a gorgeous and luxurious look.

Cashmere in a variety of textures and patterns makes perfect Secret Santa gifts under $5 for her

. They are luxuriously soft and comfortable, suitable for wearing with a wide variety of your new winter garments. When the temperature drops, this shawl is a welcome addition to any wardrobe.


Secret Santa exchanges are fun whether you choose recipients at random or play a number-based game. With this excellent suggestion for Secret Santa gifts under $5, you won't have to stress about coming up with something that is both thoughtful and money-saving.

You shouldn't be discouraged by the cost. Remember that it's not worth going into debt over just to show someone you care, as "the thought that matters" is always the most important part. Since these affordable presents don’t feel cheap, the lucky person who receives your gift has no way of knowing the difference and will be overjoyed either way.

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