Daddy Daughter Gifts That Will Make Him Shed a (Sentimental) Tear
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Daddy Daughter Gifts That Will Make Him Shed a (Sentimental) Tear

Posted 09 Mar 2023

Nothing’s like a father-and-daughter relationship. Your dad loves you the most and gives you the best things in your life. And to show the old man how you appreciate him, epic and meaningful daddy daughter gifts are the correct answer.

There are many daddy daughter gift options out there, but how well do you know your old man and what he wants? The good news is that dads are pretty simple to please.

When it comes to daddy gifts or step dad gifts, a can of beer or a pair of socks can already make him put a smile on his face. But we all want something more than that. Whether you want a thoughtful present that reminds him he’s the best dad ever, a stylish wooden watch box, or personalised gifts like “best dad” printed coffee mugs or t-shirts, there are plenty of personalised gifts for dad for you to choose from.

OK, we all love the old man, and despite knowing him for our whole life, we can’t just tell what he wants as his hobbies, interests, and styles encompass a lot. So it’s definitely difficult for us to choose the presents for that man, whether it is daddy birthday gifts or personalised Father’s day gifts. Whatever the day is, let’s find out the best list of daddy daughter gifts this year!

For Birthday

Birthday is the best occasion to surprise your dad with some special but useful daddy daughter gifts (ofc). Yet to choose the most relevant present is hard, so here are our some tried-and-true suggestions.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Silk tie

A tie is the best daddy daughter gift for any occasion. Your dad may not have many hobbies, but this Solid Silk Tie (only at Saks Fifth Avenue) is still one of his must-have items.

This three-inch wide tie is unique in its very own way as it is made of 100% silk and made by skilled seamstresses in Italy. Yet it goes with just about any outfit, from casual wear to a classic tailored vest, from everyday office work to weekend night out with the family  (yes, we would love to see our dads suit up).

What’s more, there are 4 colours for you to choose from! One is the classic Ivory, the next is the elegant Grey colour, and if your dad already has those, try Light Blue or Light Purple. We promise these two colours will make your dad stand out in any fit!

Wood Watch Box

We couldn't imagine a better - or more appreciated - daddy daughter gift than a Wood Watch Box to ensure he’ll never lose his watch anywhere in the house.

This locking box is perfect for storing and protecting his favourite watches. It is made from sustainably sourced acacia wood and features a brass diamond on the top for an engraved initial. The soft line lining is perfect for protecting the watches. This watch box also has slots for five watches, so your dad can store his collection of watches. The top of this lock is securely closed with a brass key included. We bet this elegant gift is perfect for your dad's birthday (and it won't cost you a fortune, of course)!

For Father’s Day

Ah yes, Father’s Day is the best day to celebrate him as the best dad ever. For those daughters who still don’t have any idea to present your dad, we’ve got you! Some lovely personalised Father’s Day gifts like a customised tee or book will do their hearts good!

“Like Father Like Daughter” Custom Tee

Like Father Like Daughter personalised t-shirt

If you’re looking for a lovely way to surprise your dad with a present, check out these personalised t-shirts from CustomChic! You can pick from Basic White or Sport Grey to Light Blue or Light Pink colour, and space on the tee itself is available for your customised idea. Say, a cute cartoon picture of you and your dad on it, whoever’s not gonna love it? Plus, you can personalise the tee with a simple message. Whatever you choose, you're sure to make your dad smile.

This daddy daughter gift surely is our bestseller for a reason - it's relaxed, tailored and comfortable. You'll love the way you look in it, and so will your dad! 

Dad I Wrote A Book About You: Fill In The Blank Book

Present him this daddy daughter gift then you’ll be his best child ever. Why? This book has 30 unique prompts that can be filled in with the little things you want to talk about your dad.

Catch the day your dad first helped to tie your hair even if he was really clumsy? The day he said he’d be your forever hero? If you do, fill in this book with those sweetest moments and even hilarious tales you love about your dad. It will provide great memories for him. Only take a few minutes and you'll be finished in no time!

For Christmas

Hunting down for something to fill in his stocking this Christmas? Discover some personalised Christmas gifts that will put you first on your dad’s favourite child list!

Sherpa-Lined Shirt

sherpa-lined shirt

If you’re looking for something to keep your dad warm for Christmas, check out this relaxed-fit heavyweight flannel shirt from Wrangler! It is made of 100% cotton and has a sherpa-lined body and quilted lined sleeves for warmth.

Wrangler reviewers rave that this daddy daughter gift shirt is super nice, thick and comfortable. It comes in 7 colours and a ton of sizes for your dad, from the smallest S to 2XT. This shirt is also perfect for any occasion, making him become more stylish and fresh than ever!

“This Awesome Daddy Belongs To” Coffee Mug

Does your dad drink coffee every single day?  A simple and affordable daddy daughter gift, CustomChic’s personalised mugs will elevate his morning brew endlessly. Each mug is unique since you can customise it with the “cartoon version” of yourself. Sip his favourite drink while looking at pictures of loved ones – it’s a fun way to show your affection and share a little bit of inside jokes with him. Plus, you can either choose a Ceramic Mug in White colour or Two Tone Mug in six different colours: Black, Blue Sky, Navy, Red and Green Bottle Accent.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas the same way, and sometimes a unique daddy daughter gift is the best way to show your beloved daddy how much you care. This personalised mug surely makes the perfect gift for your dad on Christmas! 

For Wedding Anniversary

Talking about wedding anniversaries, people just focus on their loved ones but forget that our parents also need to celebrate their remarkable day. To show them “you guys are great together”, some personalised gifts for couples are great ideas for those two peas in a pod. Even if they're longtime partners, these gifts got something special just for them.

Personalised Family Canvas

Hey, we all know there are plenty of presents to choose from, even if it’s your dad’s Wedding anniversary. But we believe that there is no daddy daughter gift better than a personalised canvas made just for him. A custom canvas is a unique and thoughtful way to show your dad just how much you care. It can be made from wood or canvas, and can come in a variety of sizes, all depending on your interest.

Be ready to welcome your guest with this family canvas that features your family’s names, text, designs and other custom features like a picture of all the family's members, making your dad’s home a unique and special place for him. Especially when it comes to a day like his Wedding anniversary, it would be a wonderful present for him. 

Colourful Bouquet

Flower Bouquet for Dad's Wedding Anniversary

Of course! How can we forget a beautiful bouquet for your dad’s wedding anniversary? Even though the old man would not love some colourful flowers, to celebrate his big date,  giving him these flowers will definitely do his heart!

This beautiful bouquet of flowers is sure to brighten up any room! It features many brightly-coloured blooms, including ranunculus, anthuriums, thistles, mums, carnations, and more. It's sure to bring happiness and smiles to whoever receives it, and it would be a perfect daddy daughter gift to any dad!

Well, in case he doesn’t feel right with those flowers, how about trying another idea? A bouquet that is customised with beers or wines and his favourite snacks will guarantee you his “favourite child”.

Just-Because Gifts

Hmm… Don’t feel like giving him a daddy daughter gift on any occasion is necessary? Someday we just want to present to express our love and respect for the man that is always right on your back.

Bacon Jam

Heavenly Bacon Jam

Picture this: Your dad will start his day finding that there’s a juicy grilled burger with delicious ingredients on it: crispy bread, bacon jam and some slices of tomato and salad, the only treats waiting for him. How wonderful it is since his daughter is the one to cook for him!

This is a fun daddy daughter gift since “The way to a man's heart is through his stomach” is a great fit for any difficult dad. Thus, the jam can be added to any cheese sandwich, soup, salad, roasted vegetables and even a holiday cheese plate.

"Love You More Than You Love Beer" Bottle Opener

Looking for the perfect gift for your beer-loving dad? Look no further than this beautifully engraved bottle opener! It's made from lightweight stainless steel, and it'll make him feel loved - and definitely drink more beer! 

This daddy daughter gift is made from lightweight stainless steel and is the perfect size to keep with your keyring. It is also easy to use for opening his favourite drinks on the go!

Weighted Robe

weighted robe

Why not add a little cosiness to his nights by getting him a weighted robe? If your dad has trouble sleeping, try the Gravity Blanket Weighted Fleece Robe! Its special deep touch pressure stimulation will help your dad relax like he would with the Gravity Blanket itself.

This daddy daughter gift is made of 100% polyester fleece and has a zipper closure, making it incredibly soft and cosy. The precise gridded stitching on the weighted inner ensures that the glass beads stay uniformly distributed during use. The weighted inner robe can be removed by zipping it underneath the collar of the robe. This allows the robe to be worn without weight, and makes cleaning a breeze!

Memory Foam Suede Slippers

Let us help you solve your dad's troubles with his feet and ankles. He'll never want to take them off! This Soft Micro Suede Upper is the perfect addition to your dad's winter wardrobe! It is both stylish and comfortable, making it the perfect choice for any occasion. Plus, it is machine-washable and easy to care for.

Here are adjustable slippers that are padded with high-density memory foam. They might feel snug at first, but they will eventually fit better. They confirm a secure and comfortable fit. The stretchy side can fit a wide variety of feet, while the easy-to-remove closed heel makes them a perfect daddy daughter gift for your dad.


Choosing the right daddy daughter gift can be difficult at times, especially when it comes to a special day like his birthday, wedding anniversary and Father’s day. Do you want some personalised gifts like a family canvas, coffee mugs or just a t-shirt for him? Still, a perfect gift should be the one that we put all our heart into, and we guarantee that any parents will love it, not just our dad.

Regardless of the daddy daughter gifts, we think all parents will appreciate something personal, something that reminds them of you or just shows how much you love them. Just like our dads, sometimes mums are really hard to read. We might know them our whole life but in terms of choosing some birthday gifts for mum from daughter, it can be tough sometimes. So maybe next time just try something more personal and useful for any purpose.

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