Big Sister Gifts: Top Gifts for the Sister Who Deserves the World
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Big Sister Gifts: Top Gifts for the Sister Who Deserves the World

Posted 08 Mar 2023

Sisters have a unique relationship, which has been said to be unmatched by any other in the family! Our sisters have been so close to us since the break of dawn, whether she is your chosen best friend or your polar opposite who grates on your nerves from time to time (but you love her nonetheless). For all she has done, big sister gifts are a great way to shower her with love and affection. Finding the ideal birthday personalised gifts or holiday items for whom you read like a book might be challenging.

Gifts for your sister, just like nan gifts, or gifts for grandadshould reflect her individuality and style as well as her interests and hobbies, so take your time browsing this comprehensive big sister gift guide. If her interior design is something you'd pin, she'd love a stylish throw pillow. You can also consider purchasing her a makeup kit if she’s one of those beauty lovers. But if she's continuously taking something from your closet, you may give it to her as a present and always know where to find it if you need to "borrow" it yourself, whether it is a custom tee, gym bag, clothing, or a charm bracelet. The point is that this list offers at least one thing that your sister will adore regardless of her taste. 

For the Sister Who’s an Amateur Fashionista

Upgrade her already fantastic wardrobe with these fashion items! From a casual personalised tee to a charming bracelet set she can easily accessorise, these big sister gifts will be the cherry on top!

Pandora Rose For My Sister Charm Bracelet Set

Pandora Rose For My Sister Charm Bracelet Set

This bracelet set will have a very unique meaning for the very special person, whether you give it to your sister or to a friend who is like a sister to you. The meaningful Rose For My Sister Charm is crafted from a one-of-a-kind metal mix and coated in 14k rose gold. The two-toned charm consists of a heart charm made of openwork sterling silver with the word "Sister" written in script on it, and a smaller heart made of 14k rose gold plating that dangles with the words "Love You".

This classic piece of big sister gifts requires little maintenance and enhances the meaning for both the one who gives it and the person who wears it, which is why we love it so much!

Dog Mum Personalised T-shirt

Take bold fashion statements to the next level with this stylish personalised t-shirtA woman in a pair of glasses, outfits on fleek, and her dog is the very definition of coolness, if you know what we mean! You can customise up to five text bubbles to describe your sister (in the most honest and hilarious ways, of course!) Don’t forget to include the name of her beloved dog as well, right under hers.

The “5 Things You Should Know About This Woman” personalised gifts for dog lovers will surely be a great conversation starter as your sister walks off the street in casual wear made just for her. Everyone loves a confident-looking lady, flaunting her top favourites - we’re talking about her canine companion and her proud hobbies! Once you are here, we also have some personalised gifts for cat lovers if your sister is a cat mum.

For the Sister Who's an Ambitious Decorist

Pillows to posters, these big sister gifts can help her level up her home decoration games. Practical and pleasing to the eyes, let’s wow her with these custom choices!

"Always Better Together" Canvas

personalised canvas

Sad but true: It can be challenging to come up with original and exciting present ideas, even for someone you can read like a book. Lucky for you, personalised canvases are here to save the day!

Because of the classic appeal that they exude, custom canvas prints are excellent choices to improve interior spaces. This one-of-a-kind canvas is your best bet if you're searching for something to update the look of your bedroom or living room. The beautiful backdrop gives the entire big sister gifts a hopeful look toward the horizon ahead. There’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t surprise your beloved sis with this meaningful gift!

"Life is Better With Sister" Personalised Pillow

Let this personalised pillow, with its beautiful design and heartfelt quote, speak your love. "Life Is Better with Sisters", don't even get us started on how much we like that slogan! She may use it to improve the aesthetics of any room in the house, from her cosy bedroom to the modern yet inviting living room. 

Throw pillows are the ultimate finishing touch for any room because of how quickly and easily they transform the decor of the house. The canvas covering of this decorative cushion is zip-off for easy washing and replacement. The cover may be machine-washed or hand washed in cold water for a more thorough cleaning.

For the Sister Who Never Misses a Workout

Workout equipment will never cease to be the top big sister gifts you can give her on any occasion. Here’s our take on it!

Gym Bag Big Sister Gifts

Gym bag

This duffel bag is a good size for a gym excursion, holding everything your sister may need. It is spacious enough for weekend getaways or business trips to the seaside and versatile for her to use for a variety of hobbies and sports, including swimming, tennis, dancing, golf, football, and crossfit.

The bag has a watertight compartment for wet clothing after showering or swimming or to keep makeup and lotion off garments. She'll also like the front pocket for keys, earbuds, locks, etc. and the side pocket for a phone or wallet. All compartments have zippers. The main strap contains clips, while the smaller straps are stitched on.

When it comes to good-value big sister giftsthis gym bag definitely tops our list!

Auoxer Fitness Exercise Weighted Hoops 

This weighted hula hoop provides a simple and effective alternative for her to exercise at home on the days when she is unable to get to the gym.

Because of its detachable nature, the entirety of the set is quite simple to put together: Your sister can carry it wherever because it has eight removable components that make storage and transportation simple.

Additionally, the size of the hula hoop may be changed to accommodate her body type. The latest version has a larger massaging area on the waist, which gives her the impression that she is burning fat. This is the best thing that has ever happened. Amazing big sister gifts, right?

For the Sister Who’s in Need of Some R&R

Tell her how much you love her without telling her how much. These ultimate skincare sets will help you send the message, though.

The Skincare Set

Glossier Skincare Set

If your sister only uses three main skincare products, they should be these three from Glossier: A face cleanser, a buildable moisturiser, and a best-selling lip balm.

The Milky Jelly Cleanser is a face cleanser that has a pH that is balanced, is a creamy gel, and is manufactured with a mix of five skin conditioners. It helps soothe and condition the skin while also removing debris, excess oil, and makeup from the face. The Priming Moisturizer is a lightweight moisturiser that enables you to layer and build up to the ideal level of moisture for your skin. Last but not least, there is the ultra-moisturizing balm filled with natural emollients and antioxidants to help nourish and soothe the lips.

Help her feel revitalised inside out with the all-in-one skincare big sister gifts!

Scented Candle

Scented candle

Any living room can be made to feel more inviting with scented candles. Extra credit for showing your individuality and caring about your appearance! Candles provide ambiance to any space and can set the mood. All you need to do is pick a pattern and an aroma that reflects her state of mind right now! This candle wax is entirely derived from plants, with coconut and soy serving as its primary components.

These humorous candles are the ideal big sister gifts since they’re aromatic, cool, and long-lasting. Based on the sellers’ information, each candle can burn anywhere from 40-60 hours, providing ample time for relaxation your sister will love. Who doesn't adore the glow of a candle?

For the Sister Who’s Never Not on Vacation

No sister can say no to these considerate gift choices, especially if they’re tailor-made for her various trips. A sun-blocking hat and a travel makeup case remain our top choices!

Minnow Sun Hat

Minnow sun hat

When spending time outside is an integral part of your sister’s outdoor journey, a Catalina sun hat is an essential piece of gear. This elegant sun hat provides excellent protection from the sun while your sister is on the road, no matter where she goes under the blistering sun.

Stylish as they are, the big sister gifts also block some of the sun's harmful rays, protecting her skin from premature ageing. She can feel safe and secure enough in her outdoor pursuits to play, walk, swim, explore, or just relax on a sunny afternoon!

Travel Makeup Case

makeup case

This cosmetics box is large enough to accommodate all of your sister's cosmetics and beauty stuff, such as lipsticks, lip glosses, and makeup brushes. She can simply keep track of all her cosmetics with this Makeup Bag. It boasts a one-of-a-kind design that allows customers to customise the size of each compartment to meet their exact requirements.

She'll also like the fact that it's waterproof, shockproof, anti-wear, and spill-proof all in a small and lightweight container. She may bring her cosmetics with her everywhere she goes. The big sister gifts can hold more than just cosmetics; they also have plenty of capacity for jewellery, electronic gadgets, a camera, essential oils, toiletries, a grooming kit, valuables, and everything else she wants!

For Every Sister

Running out of ideas for big sister giftsNo worries, we still have a secret recipe to give a picky sister (or an I-don’t-really-want-anything type) that’ll help you out big time!

Multi Card Case Wallet Big Sister Gifts

card holder

Last but not least, an affordable and high-quality genuine leather wallet for ladies that has easy polybag packaging, a dust-proof cover, high-quality craftsmanship, and high-quality genuine leather!

This women's bifold wallet with a chequered pattern comes with 16 card slots and two zipped compartments for storing cash and coins. This multipurpose wallet can be fastened with a snap, making it ideal for organising all of her critical personal items. The RFID Blocking technology that comes standard on the Travelambo multi-card case wallet makes it possible to protect her personal information and credit cards from being scanned and stolen. Every sister will thoroughly love this gift!

"The Love Between Sisters is Forever" Mug

Here’s to the ardent drinkers (whether of tea or of coffee,) this beautiful personalised mug will be your best bet! This is a combo between a meaningful quote in cursive writing “The Love Between Sisters Is Forever” and the image of two sisters hand-in-hand, each holding a mug herself. Truly, this is the image we all love to see every single day, right? Having quality tea-or-coffee time with your sis adds little snippets of joy to your day. We’re sure your sister thinks the same!

This is one of those perfect big sister gifts to give to your sibling or a female friend you’re really close to. It reminds her of the beautiful bond she has with you, and will make her drinking time even more enjoyable.


Sisters are best friends, partners in crime, chauffeurs, and more, even if they roll their eyes when you ask them for a small favour. It's hard to appreciate someone who has always had your back, but giving her a unique big sister gift on her birthday, Christmas, or other special occasions is a nice move. These greatest personalised gifts for your big sister - even when they’re purchased right off the shelves and enclosed with affectionate notes, should indulge her in some real treats!

Hopefully, our list has offered a wide range of unusual, interesting, and memorable big sister gifts and will help strengthen the sibling bond between you two (or three, four)!

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