Top Nan Gifts To Buy This Year, Because She Deserves The Very Best
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Top Nan Gifts To Buy This Year, Because She Deserves The Very Best

Posted 11 Feb 2023

Grandma's birthday, Mother’s Day, holiday, or random visit is coming up, and you have no idea what to gift? Worry no more, we've compiled a list of the best nan gifts for each celebration that are sure to make her beam with joy. There's something here for every type of grandma, whether she's an emotional nana who values keepsakes or a professional home chef who loves to try new recipes.

Grandma will be thrilled to receive any of these wonderful nan gifts, no matter how much she insists that all she wants for her special day is to spend time with grandkids. Get ready to repay the woman who has showered you with love for your whole life. Although we can't guarantee anything, you just might become her favourite grandchild.

All the tried-and-true suggestions below are sure to please grandma and demonstrate your deep affection for her. From thoughtful self-care products to personalised gifts, she'll adore at least one item on our list. If you're still at a loss as to what to get her, take a further look at these personalised grandma gifts. Now, it’s your shopping time!

For Mother's Day

After all that she's done for you, grandma should be spoiled on the daily, but celebrating this big day with a nan gifts for Mother's Day is a terrific place to start. As a kind suggestion, consider buying heartfelt gifts to show her how much you treasure this relationship and your family.

Do you wish to have even more alternatives to choose from? Take a look at these personalised Mother’s Day gifts. Shop for personalised gifts for mum as well if you desire to make all the important women in your life happy and proud.

Custom Canvas

personalised canvas

There are many nan gifts out there to celebrate Mother’s Day, but this one is the nicest. Get her a canvas print of flowers that represent each of the grandchildren's birth months, along with their names. This unique personalised canvas would be a wonderful present that is sure to bring joy and smiles to her home.

With a timeless and elegant design, it’s perfect for hanging in the living room or office of your grandmother. The overall space will be elevated and filled with your warmth and appreciation for her. She will certainly feel happy each time she sees it!

If you also want to gift this beautiful canvas to your grandfather, mum, dad or any of your family members, you can change the inscription to make it suitable. Any lucky recipient would appreciate your sweetness a lot!

Personalised T-shirt

personalised t-shirt

Make your grandma’s special day full of love and care by getting her lovely personalised t-shirts as nan gifts. This heartfelt present comes with a custom design that may display up to twelve illustrations of her grandkids. Unique and charming, she’ll feel proud and joyful every time she puts it on.

Made of soft and high-quality cotton, this tee is perfect for her daily wear, whether she stays at home cooking, heading to the grocery store, or walking her dog. She might also wear it to any family gatherings or dinner parties and show everyone how happy she is to have so many grandkids.

Among various nan gifts out there to celebrate the occasion, items with your personal touches are always treasured. Get her this one-of-a-kind t-shirt and you’ll know that’s the right choice when seeing a happy tear on her face.

For Her Birthday

Every moment spent with grandma is priceless since it is full of love, wisdom, and countless embraces. When it comes to grandma's birthday, it’s a big celebration that calls for wonderful nan gifts. As she gets one year older, you’ll have more chances to show how much you love her. If you're having trouble thinking of a birthday present that she'll love as much as her grandchildren, our top picks below might help.

For a more detailed guide, check out these lists of 65th birthday gifts70th, or even 80th birthday gifts.

Birth Month Flower Scarf

birth month scarf

Giving your grandma a birth month flower scarf is a sweet way to show a token of your affection. These botanically printed scarves are like getting a bouquet of flowers every day of the year instead of only on your birthday. Each of the twelve fashionable items is decorated with a watercolour painting of a flower of the month, from the January Carnation to the December Holly, which allows you to get your grandma a birthday-themed present that she’ll treasure.

These scarves, with their delicate powder colours and luxurious texture, are excellent nan gifts that will add a beautiful finishing touch to any ensemble. The weave and plant-cashmere material will keep herwarm and comfortable in every climate, while also lending an air of understated class.

Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

 birth month flower grow kit

In search of creative birthday nan gifts to give her the extra joy of gardening? This birth month flower growth kit is sure to be enjoyed no matter her level of planting expertise. Simply select the appropriate flower associated with your grandma’s month of birth and send it to her right on her special day.

Everything you need to cultivate your own flower is included: seeds, soilless growing media, a glass bottle, instructions, and a background on the meaning of your chosen bloom. The grow bottle can be reused as a vase after the garden has bloomed while its cork can be used as a placemat.

Thoughtful nan gifts for sentimentalists and minimalists like this kit is a delight on her birthday. She’ll find it meaningful and entertaining to grow an extra flower for her garden that’ll bloom with your love and gratitude.

For Her Wedding Anniversary

Since she has been married for so long, your grandma deserves a grand celebration on her anniversary. Send her one of these sentimental personalised gifts for couples and let her recall all the wonderful times spent with grandad. You can't go wrong with beautiful keepsakes like mugs, photo frames, glasses, or embroidered pillows to celebrate her milestone. Trust us!

Personalised Mug

personalised mug

Showing your appreciation for Grandma’s anniversary with unique nan gifts is wonderful. Personalised presents for grandma are varied, and they all demonstrate that you've gone to some trouble to discover something you know she'll enjoy. But an adorable mug featuring her undying love for grandad is all she needs to commemorate the milestone.

It’s simple to make this personalised mug full of romance and love. By adding your grandparents’ names and altering some of their illustration’s features, you’ve got her a one-of-a-kind keepsake that she’ll cherish for the rest of her life. From now on, she’ll love enjoying her favourite tea and coffee in this lovely mug while also remembering your sweet and thoughtful gesture.

Personalised Pillow

personalised pillow

There are no words to describe the love you have for your grandparents. You might live far away from them but the long distance should not prevent you from demonstrating your love for them. Gifting your grandma and grandad a personalised pillow on their anniversary is a touching gesture that shows how much they mean to you.

This adorable pillow will serve as a daily reminder that they’re always a happy couple. You can add their names and make a little change to the illustration to make a beautiful and meaningful present. Right at this moment, a sweet card commemorating their remarkable milestone would do the trick.

Incredibly soft to the touch, these throw pillows from Custom Chic would make fantastic and unusual nan gifts. They ensure that you’ll have a nice seat on the couch whenever you visit.

For Christmas

There's no better time to shower your gorgeous nan with love and affection than Christmas. So that you may show her how much you care, we've scouted the best nan gifts that any type of grandma would love to receive. These items are both surprising and meaningful enough to put a big grin on her face on Christmas morning.

In case you want to surprise all your family members with special gifts, try these personalised Christmas gifts that are sure to make them feel extra appreciated. 

Personalised Ornament

personalised ornament

Say Merry Christmas to your grandmother with stunning personalised Christmas ornaments. They’re the perfect keepsakes to hang on her tree every year, and she’ll always remember the sweet message from her grandchildren.

In the spirit of the holiday, this is a cool way to make your home cosy and inviting. Besides adding a lovely ambiance to your Christmas tree. Placing this ornament on the wall ensures a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It's also the ideal finishing touch for a gift package. 

Make it more distinctive by adding her grandkids’ names and altering the characters’ illustrations. Excellent nan gifts like this piece of adornment will spread Christmas cheer among her family and friends.

Christmas Movie Cookbook

christmas movie cookbook

Your grandmother is already the professional cook of your family. But this year, let her be the best chef of the season by presenting her with the “Christmas Movie Cookbook”. The recipes and entertaining advice in this book will help her throw a party that everyone will remember fondly.

The holidays are all about traditions, food, and movies, of course! Combining all these three factors, this lovely book showcases 65 scrumptious dishes that lend delight to any festive celebration. From movies like "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" to "Elf" to "A Christmas Story," you'll learn how to replicate memorable main dishes and desserts from these and other holiday favourites.

Let your grandma try as many recipes as possible to make this Christmas full of joy and delicacy. This book will be one of the most creative nan gifts that’ll make her excited. 

For Any Celebration

Shopping for grandparents can be challenging since they seem to have everything. Lucky for you, we have collected the top nan gifts that are sure to make her happy, regardless of the celebration. These thoughtful ideas will make you become the best gift-giver on her list this year.

Comfy Slippers

cosy slipper

Your grandma’s feet easily get colder as she ages. However, warming her feet doesn't have to make her look slovenly. This time, upgrade her old, uncomfortable slippers with these cushy, toasty, and ultra-soft new ones and watch her face light up with joy.

The Intelex warmies slippers, which can be heated in the microwave, create an airtight pocket of warmth around the foot, relieving tension and stress from the ground up. The millet grains inside the soft booties act as heat sinks, distributing the warmth evenly across the top and sides of her foot. Besides, they are also packed with dried lavender for a comprehensive scented, wellness experience that granny will appreciate daily.

If your grandma enjoys doing things like strolling the dog, pottering in the garden, and perusing the newspaper, she may prefer this comfy option. They also look smart enough to wear when her friends stopped by. They come packaged in a gift box, making it easy to present them as thoughtful nan gifts.

Silk Pillowcase

silk pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are a must-have for any woman who cares about her sleep and appearance. Many beauty experts recommend them because they provide less friction than cotton and help skin and hair retain moisture. That makes them excellent nan gifts which help improve her night's rest.

These pure mulberry silk pillowcases are so soft and cool to the touch that they will make your face feel like it's floating on air while you sleep. Madefrom 100% pure silk, they reduce hair breakage and frizz by treating yourself to a nightly self-care ritual. In the long run, your hair and skin will be softer and more supple.

Luxurious pillowcases can be machine-washed and dried without worrying about fading or shrinking. For these perfect features, they are useful and considerate nan gifts that she’ll treasure for years.


No one can deny the unique bond shared between grandma and her grandchild. You can always count on her to have sound counsel, create never-ending entertainment, and make the tastiest home-cooked meals. That's why it's important to always give her some nan gifts, something truly special and useful, no matter the occasion.

We all know that getting suitable nan gifts is notoriously difficult. But that's not the case when you have our gift guide on hand. With these excellent ideas, ranging from perfect fashion items to unique personalised gifts, you’re sure to find her something as precious as she is.

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