Unusual 70th Birthday Gifts for Her, As Taking 70 Trips Around the Sun is No Mean Feat
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Unusual 70th Birthday Gifts for Her, As Taking 70 Trips Around the Sun is No Mean Feat

Posted 22 Feb 2023

It's not easy to shop for unusual 70th birthday gifts for her because at this milestone, she might have had everything she’s wanted. You can expect a "nothing really" type of response if you just go ahead and ask her what she wants for her birthday, even for personalised gifts you think she’d make a specific request for.

Finding the perfect unusual gifts for 70th birthday for her might no be a stroll in the park, but our suggestions will offer you some ideas to think about before her birthday comes! Here’s a tip for you: Everyone appreciates a present that feels considerate and personal, even when it’s purchased right from the shops. Gifting entails more than just wrapping and sending items, which applies for so many occasions from finding personalised grandma gifts or personalised Mother's Day gifts. There’s more to the heart than most people think it is so you can try customising it with a heartfelt message or meaningful accessories to go with.

Any 70th birthday celebration deserves a fitting present, from a gardener set to some beautiful, personalised artwork to bring home. Here are our tried-and-true suggestions to make a female loved one beam with delight this birthday!

Best for The Baker

The Baking Bible

the baking bible

Rose Levy Beranbaum returns with her largest "bible". This masterpiece features Rose's best cakes, pies, tarts, cookies, sweets, pastries, bread, and more. As expected from "the most careful cook who ever lived", each delicious meal is flawless, with detailed instructions, "plan-aheads", inventive hints, and success highlights all available in the unusual 70th birthday gifts for her.

From simple crowd-pleasers (Coffee Crumb Cake Muffins, Gingersnaps, Gooseberry Crisp) to show-stopping stunners (Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Tart, Mango Bango Cheesecake, White Christmas Peppermint Cake) to bakery-style pastries developed for the home kitchen (the famous French Kouign Amann), every recipe proves that any baker can achieve delicious perfection!

This is an excellent all-around guidebook for both emerging and expert bakers. UK and US cooks will appreciate the beautiful photographs and well-organised recipes with cup, gramme, and ounce measurements, truly well-meaning and unusual 70th birthday gifts for herYou can find her pie crust recipe online, too!

Everyone has a close friend or relative whose cooking talents astonish them. It's amazing how they make delicious treats with butter, sugar, and wheat. You can find unusual 70th birthday gifts for her who bakes sourdough loaves or cupcakes with this guide!

Cheat Sheet Baking Apron

There may be too many cooks in the kitchen, but you'll be the brightest one with this Smart Baker Apron and its handy conversion chart.

Just right for you, or for that one baker in your life! Get as filthy as you like; this apron can be washed in the washing machine in a moment's notice!

The unusual 70th birthday gifts for her are one-size-fits-all because of their adjustable straps, front pockets, and lengthy ties. It measures 20" x 30" and is made of 65% polyester/35% cotton twill, giving you the utmost comfort when baking your favourite cheese tart!

In a flash, you can find out how many ounces are in a cup, how many tablespoons are in a teaspoon, and how many inches a standard baking pan is.

Best for The Gardener

Nothing pleases a lady with a green finger more than these unusual 70th birthday gifts for her: A spinning garden tower and animal planter to make her day more colourful!

Spinning Garden Tower

Want to cultivate fruits and vegetables but don't have the space? If she has a small balcony or yard, but still wants to grow some plants, consider the Garden Tower, a vertical, rotating garden that can fit 50 plants in just 4 square feet.

With the unusual 70th birthday gifts for hershe can grow a garden in a constrained area and turn food waste into compost for organic vegetables and fruits. This technique provides plants with nutrients that have been recycled from organic composting in a way that replicates the functioning of a natural ecosystem.

The rotating garden tower is a wonderful gift for green thumbs because it can be used to cultivate practically any herb, flower, or vegetable in its natural environment. Get one now for your beloved lady in her 70s!

Self-Drinking Animal Planter

Your young-at-heart woman can dig her hands into plant care with the help of these animal planters, which drink water from pre-made bowls. They can also pour water into a saucepan and imagine the animals drinking it because the design makes it look so! The animal planters come in the form of frogs, cats, dogs, and pandas, all of whom enjoy a refreshing drink. The animals will use their tongues to slowly carry water from the dish to the plants on their backs as long as there is water in the dish.

The bowl, containing water and the plant's tongue, is included in the packaging, as is everything else she’ll need to grow her own small plant.

The unusual 70th birthday gifts for her can provide an effective outlet for her daily stresses just by taking care of the plants.

Best For the Nutrition-Minded

Health lovers may get bored with conventional gifts like a cookbook or diet plan. How about smashing the patriarchy as unusual 70th birthday gifts for her?

Tears of the Patriarchy Nutrition Facts

water bottle

This stainless steel container has a capacity of 590 millilitres (20 fluid ounces), and it comes with a cap that is watertight. It is not only portable, but also lightweight and robust for extended use. This is another plus if your recipient is eco-conscious: These bottles are not single-use, meaning their lifecycle is as long as it gets. A win for the ocean and our planet, really!

The high-definition print wraps completely around the gourd, displaying the creative take on typical ingredient labels. And the message only gets better: A list of patriarchal standards to be challenged and done away with. It’s 2023, let’s remind her of the wins for women she and others have fought for with the unusual 70th birthday gifts for her: The tears of patriarchy!

Biological Dinosaur iPhone Case & Cover

This is a thoughtful choice for your lady who loves dinosaurs and cute comic icons. On top of that, the phone case is also made for multiple uses. The double-layered clip-on protective shell adds extra durability to the phone case. An impact-resistant polycarbonate exterior and a shock-absorbing interior safeguard her smartphone from drops and knocks. She can have any number of vibrant hues injected into the cover itself. This enables the device to have its aesthetic clearly displayed on all sides. It also works with the Qi standard for wireless charging.

The best part about the unusual 70th birthday gifts for her is that the case is tailor-made for your phone, so it fits snugly and securely while also being slim and comfortable to handle. All buttons and ports are easily accessible, too!

Best for The Art Collector

If these unusual 70th birthday gifts for her can’t meet your standards of creativity wholesomeness, try customising your own with a canvas print or poster!

Personalised Canvas

personalised canvas

personalised canvas is a wonderful piece decoration for rounding out and completing the space of her home. This is also an opportunity for you to add in your own message and visuals that’ll tone up her space!

These wall art banners, once printed on the highest quality cotton canvas material, can guarantee long-lasting impressions on curious guests. Canvases are typically hung on noticeable areas like the living room’s accent wall or right above the kitchen table, giving off artistic feelings for everyone in the family. A hilarious or cute text, customised for your 70-year-old friend, can make all the difference in her cosy place. Take the chance and inject some art now!

Keep her treasured moments forever there with a thoughtful personalised canvas. This is our recommendation for one of the most unusual 70th birthday gifts for her!

Personalised Poster

personalised poster

In a heartwarming display, this personalised poster lists the many qualities that make loved ones special. Give your female loved one's room a facelift with a brand new personalised poster that is both fresh and creative. For instance, you can depict her adorable relationship with four-pawed friends and have it permanently displayed in her favourite corner.

We’re sure she will be overjoyed to receive these works of art as unusual 70th birthday gifts for herThe longevity of the poster depends on the quality of your print, including paper types, ink choices, and publishing houses whether they’re a large or a small scale. You should also pay attention to the clarity of your design: The higher the picture definition, the better it’ll come out of the machine. So choose a picture, write your note, and your delivery will be on its way to make the best birthday she’s ever had!

Best for Any Senior

The list of unusual 70th birthday gifts for her doesn’t stop short. Check out our recommendations of personalised t-shirts and custom mugs for a wonderful 70-year-old birthday!

Personalised T-shirt

personalised t-shirts

If you want to give some unusual 70th birthday gifts for her that the receiver will appreciate, choose a durable t-shirt that will last like her longevity and youthfulness no matter how much time has passed!

Your 70-year-old woman will feel grateful for your choice even more if you tap into her interests. For example, you can include your own words to wish her a happy 70th birthday, or poke fun at her obsession with kitties. Either way, she will have an even stronger sense of self after donning a personalised t-shirt that seems to be the match made in heaven for her. Indeed, these are the ideal item to give the women in your life to wear on their birthday gifts since not only are they beautiful and comfortable, but they are also casual enough to be worn on so many occasions.

Custom Coffee Mug

personalised mugs

What about impressing your grandma or mother on her birthday with yet another practical, unusual 70th birthday gift for herA couple of personalised mugs are your best bet for many reasons.

The beautiful cup allows her drink to stay warm for a longer period of time (and so does her happy mood!) Before that, make sure you’ve picked a reputable seller that only produces hard-wearing cups and prints visually pleasant designs. This is to keep her favourite personalised mug for a longer period of time, with the images and messages intact.

Remember to be brief in your words of gratitude; after all, you don't want to cram a huge amount of text onto a mug of average size!


Growing older is a privilege that should be celebrated not just by the special woman she is, but also by her closest friends and family members.

70 is a milestone birthday that’s very different from her younger years, when your past picks of unique 21st birthday gifts for her or personalised 30th birthday gifts no longer apply to her changing tastes. Therefore, choose unusual 70th birthday gifts for her that she wouldn’t think of; and you’re making a mark for yourself in the gifting game! Something meaningful like personalised gifts will forever stay on her mind, even after the candles on the cake have been out. By already winning her heart, you can prove to be an excellent gift giver as the occasion of 80th birthday gifts for her calls your name!

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