Mother Of The Bride Gifts That'll Make It A Special Day For Mum Too
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Mother Of The Bride Gifts That'll Make It A Special Day For Mum Too

Posted 07 Mar 2023

Having your mother support you throughout your wedding is one of the most valuable things in life. She's the one who'll be there for you no matter what, offering her undying love and encouragement along with helpful advice. More than anybody else, you should feel grateful for all she’s done (including giving you the best personalised wedding gift). That’s why it’s a need to give her a thoughtful mother-of-the-bride gift to say “Thank you mum, I love you”. 

You might think of some luxurious presents, such as a timeless piece of jewellery she's always wanted, the perfume she loves, or a plush blanket to curl up under. As an alternative, get her a present that she may use to unwind after the wedding, such as a photo book or a journal that records your thoughts and gratitude. If you want to show that you put in some extra effort, personalised gifts are another fantastic alternative.

In case you’re worried that you’ll never find a gift that your mother "wants", or if she is the one who has everything, consider giving her something that she can share with you. She’ll look forward to a day at the spa or a night at the opera house for some much-needed quality time together after the wedding.

Still confused about the mother-of-the-bride gifts? We've got you covered with a list of perfect options that’ll win her over. We also provide you with inspirational gift guides if you’re in search of birthday gifts for mum from daughter or personalised gifts for mum for other special occasions. But first, check out some specifics of this gifting to ensure you’re purchasing the perfect present.

Mother-of-the-Bride Gift-Giving Etiquette

It’s customary to give mother-of-the-bride gifts to show how much you appreciate all she has done for your wedding (and for your life too). This heartfelt gesture will make her happy and even make her cry. If you’re wondering who’ll present her with gifts, there are several approaches to take. While in some families, the engaged couples opt to give the bride's mother a present, others believe that the groom should not share in this responsibility. Obviously, it is entirely up to you and your partner to decide how you would like to express your gratitude. No matter where the gift comes from, both of you or just the bride, mum still receives it with all of her heart.

Mothers are the most important women in our lives, the ones who know us best, who love us without reason, and who have our backs the most. No matter how grown and self-sufficient we become, we will always hold a particular place in our mother's heart. But when it comes to your wedding, it’s the time that you must leave the comfort of your parents' home and embark on a new chapter of your life. Though this is a lovely journey, there’ll be so much nostalgia and memories left behind. For all the time and love that you and your mum share together, the mother-of-the-bride gifts would be something that reminds her of you when you’re living apart.

You might be busy during these days but it's thoughtful to set aside some quality time with your mother before the wedding. Some nights out for dinners, a picnic, or a short trip will help you indulge in each other's company before you exchange gifts. The more time you share, the better chance of getting her something perfect.

Our Best Mother-of-the-Bride Gift Choices

Mother of the Bride Cosmetic Bag

Mother of the Bride cosmetic bag

If you’re looking for last-minute mother-of-the-bride gifts, go with useful and simple ones is a safe bet. Your mum will probably have a full schedule that day. Give her a fashionable makeup bag to help her stay organised and on-trend. 

This bag is large enough to hold everything she'll need for the wedding day, from her phone to money and other necessities. When she gets emotional seeing you go down the aisle, having her cosmetics and some napkins in this bag is essential.

With the term “Mother of the Bride” beautifully embroidered on this beige-tone bag, you’re making her feel much more special. Most significantly, she can continue to use it long after your wedding day has passed.

"Mother & Daughter Forever Linked" Canvas

If you want to show your mum how much you appreciate all she's done, a personalised canvas is a way to go. Both of you have a special link, and you’d better choose unique mother-of-the-bride gifts that help strengthen this bond.

This heartfelt print from CustomChic is the perfect way to show your love for the time you've spent together. We're not lying if we say this one has the potential to move her to tears. Every time she sees it, it will bring back happy memories. 

You can customise it in a way that you like. The end result is an excellent home accent for your mum and family.  Your mother will cherish this portrait of you two forever as a keepsake of the memorable day.

"Like Mother Like Daughter" Personalised T-shirt

Mother Daughter personalised t-shirts

It might be difficult to find a piece of clothing that would appeal to everyone, especially when shopping for mother-of-the-bride gifts. But with a personalised t-shirt, we guarantee that you’ll succeed in showing her how much you care. 

This “Like Mother, Like Daughter” shirt is a thoughtful and versatile present that will always be appreciated. The lucky recipient of it will feel loved and remembered every time she wears it.

Plus, this tee is a terrific choice for a casual wardrobe essential because it is made from high-quality cotton and is both long-lasting and comfortable to wear. Perfect for an everyday outfit at home, at the gym, or on any trip with family.

I Love You Mom And Here's Why Book

This interactive book serves as a journal, scrapbook, and letter exchange in one, making it one of the most heartwarming mother-of-the-bride gifts. It’s a great way to express your appreciation to her and let her know how much she means to you. 

When you're done, you'll have a unique memento to commemorate your relationship. It’s also a reminder of mum’s devotion to you and her contributions to your wedding and your life. Whether you finish this book before the rehearsal dinner or spread it out over several days, she will always cherish it as a special keepsake.

For mums and daughters, this book is perfect for connecting them via shared photos and activities and conveying your deepest feelings to one another. Your mother will be moved to tears by inexpensive but heartfelt mother-of-the-bride gifts like this one.

To My Mother Wedding Card

To my Mother wedding card

If you have an extremely tight budget financial situation but still want to get excellent mother-of-the-bride gifts, this wedding card is a safe choice. Printed on a vintage material, it contains delicate, exquisite gold foil lettering on a pastel pink and white striped background.

There's no reason not to choose a meaningful present that costs less than a cup of coffee. Its back is blank so you may write your own personal message if you like. Your mother will treasure it forever.

Mother-of-the-bride gifts make a momentous chance to express your feelings on your special day. With a simple and minimalist wedding card, you’re telling mum how happy you’re to always have her by your side. Especially for someone who finds it hard to utter these words, writing will help you do the part.

"First My Mother, Forever My Friend" Mug

 First My Mother Forever My Friend personalised mug

Is your mother the one who cannot function without her morning coffee? If so, add some flair to her morning ritual by giving her one-of-a-kind personalised mugs as mother-of-the-bride gifts.

To the most important woman in your life, this "First my mother, Forever my friend" mug will be the best possible expression of gratitude. It can be customised and is made of ceramic to last a lifetime. Simply add names and make some changes to the illustration to create a one-of-a-kind item that your mum’s sure to love. 

For the wedding morning and years after that, she’ll still think of her sweet daughter whenever she sees this piece. Opt for unique custom mother-of-the-bride gifts like this mug and they’re surefire a hit.

"Mum's Heart" Pillow

If you’re stumped on ideas for mother-of-the-bride gifts, remember that customised presents always steal the show. No mother could possibly resist this adorable personalised pillow, showcasing love from all family members to her.

It features the cutest designs and is sure to make her day. Your mum will proudly display this thoughtful, personalised gift in her office or living room.

When you find it hard to put into words how much your mother means to you, a heartfelt present with your personal touch won’t let you down. This wonderful present isn't just appropriate for this occasion, it may be a pleasant surprise on any day.

Regardless of how you characterise your mum, all wonderful mothers share a common desire to spend as much time as possible with their children. It's the perfect time to let mum know how important she is to you and to the whole family with stunning mother-of-the-bride gifts

Simply express your appreciation for all she does for you and your loved ones in your life. This pillow will help her unwind and she’s holding it with care as she does with her family. A perfect personalised grandma gift, too!

Mother and Daughter Necklace

Mother and Daughter necklace

Your mum is a steady beam of hope in your life. She’s your sunshine which always brings you such joy, warmth, and courage. When it comes to memorable mother-of-the-bride gifts, something that shows off the link between mum and daughter will be a delight. Both of you share an unbreakable tie, and this necklace is a beautiful symbol of that. It would make a wonderful addition to your mum’s jewellery box. Guess what? She’ll wear it with pride and love on your wedding day.

The thoughtful present comes in silver, gold, or rose gold and features a foil-stamped jewellery box, a velvet pouch, and a blank card (which you can use to write down your thoughts). This classic bracelet will perfectly go with any of her outfits because of its understated elegance.

Consider giving lasting pieces of jewellery as mother-of-the-bride gifts since they will be treasured long after the wedding is over. It's a versatile accessory that she can use for the big day, other important events, or just to wear every day.


We all know how busy you are throughout your wedding, but please take some time to show your mum how much she means to you with unique mother-of-the-bride gifts. She will appreciate the attention you put into her present, whether it's an item she's always desired, a memorable keepsake she can rewind sometimes, or something you make by yourself.

We guarantee that our list of mother-of-the-bride gifts is a helpful guide that gives you the best options to surprise your mum and tell her how much she means to you. From fashionable items to personalised gifts, there’s at least one thing that’ll wow her.

Looking for anniversary gifts for couples? The happy couple deserves a gift that lasts a lifetime, but you don't have to break the bank. Consider their preferences, interests and then look at our gift guide for inspiration (that might just inspire you to some ideas of wedding gifts for bride and groom too).

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