Gifts for Bride’s Father: Show Your Love with A Special Gift, Just for Him
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Gifts for Bride’s Father: Show Your Love with A Special Gift, Just for Him

Posted 10 Mar 2023

There is something special about a father-and-daughter relationship. And on a huge milestone like your wedding day, some gifts for the bride’s father are like a way to let him know how much you treasure this relationship. By the time your wedding day is around the corner, chances are you’ve received support from friends, family, your fiance, and your wedding planner for all the financial, emotional and logical matters. Whether which stage you are on, you may be considering several daddy daughter gifts

When words don't seem to be enough, why not choose a gift that feels even more special and sentimental than words could ever express? Sometimes the best gifts for bride's father are those that are simple but personal, from accessories, sports to personalised gifts. After all, an investment piece will always hold its value, no matter how old it gets. 

On a special day like this, it's traditional for a bride to be given the bride gifts. Just as the mother of the bride giftsgifts for bride's father should express the love for the bride as much as possible. During your wedding, your dad will definitely help you out, walking you down the aisle, delivering a speech to all the guests, and perhaps even giving you a bride-to-be gift, just to show his love for you. Find out our suggested gifts for your father on the wedding day below!

Smart Leather Slippers

Smart Leather Slippers

Slippers are always a must-have item for any dad who prides on his style. These smart versatile slippers are on the first of our list for good reason: they can transform from slip-on to slide-in so your dad can wear them comfortably to get ready before your wedding day. The natural gum rubber outsole helps these slippers withstand short trips outdoors, making them even more versatile. Plus, these slippers are made in four colours: Onyx, Dark Wood, Tobacco, Toffee, and there are five sizes to fit him in.

This gift for bride’s father surely can satisfy any fastidious dad, also your groom’s father. While it's definitely sweet to get your own dad a wedding thank-you present, it's not unusual to buy something for your spouse's father too. Since it's always nice to get a wedding thank-you present for your own dad, it's not unusual to buy something for your spouse's father too.

Special Wedding Socks

You can’t go wrong by gifting your dad a pair of customised socks in honour of your wedding day! Not only will he appreciate the extra personalisation, but they'll also look great on him when he wears a suit to serve as the father of the bride. 

These socks are perfect for asking your dad to be the one to take you on your special walk. Each set of socks can be personalised with your name or a special message, making them a unique and special keepsake. These gifts for bride’s father come in navy blue, but are also available in a variety of different colours to match the colours of your wedding or to stay trendy and photo-ready with classic black. Whether your dad wears it at your engagement party or your wedding, these socks are classic and can be part of a great memento for your dad. Thus, he can wear it everyday after the wedding as a daily item.

Sentimental Cufflinks


Want him to have something special just for the day he’ll walk you down the aisle? These personalised cufflinks are the correct answer. Made from stainless steel and engraved with the message just for your dad. They’re beautiful, classic and thoughtful gifts for bride's father. There are a variety of cufflinks and engraving colours to choose from, and you can pick from three design styles. Still, we can assure that any colour or style can do his heart good!

These personalised gifts are suitable for everyday wearing, not only on your wedding day. Shoppers highly recommended these cufflinks since they’re a sweet and timeless choice. Now you know just the perfect way to say "I will always be your little girl" - with a special daddy daughter gift!

“Have No Fear, Daddy Is Here” Personalised T-shirt

There's no need to break the bank to show your dad how much you appreciate him – you can simply choose something simple and elegant, or sometimes, fun. A personalised t-shirt with the title “Have No Fear, Daddy Is Here” is a jovial way to thank him before the wedding day.

This CustomChic’s shirt allows you to customise your cartoon version of your dad, from skin, age, hairstyle, clothes to his nametag on the shirt, in a choice of 3 colours: Black, Navy and Dark Heather. Made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, it is a relaxed, comfortable and tailored wear at home. Customers at Custom Chic said that this custom tee raised a smile on their dad’s face and everyone who’s seen it thinks it’s brilliant! We’re not sure if there’s any other gifts for bride’s father to celebrate him better than this!

Suit & Tie

Suit for men

Want something more special than just a pair of socks? Order this suit from Uniworth Shop, and give it to your dad before the big day, we promise he’ll be the happiest man on Earth! This gift for bride’s father is modern, elegant and surely a good choice since every dad wants to suit up smartly on their children’s wedding day.

When it comes to gifts for men, a new tie always makes a great choice. They're fun and practical, and can add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Plus, ties are usually affordable, so you can get one that will look good on your dad no matter what he's wearing. Consider what type of suit and tie your dad wears on special occasions, like your wedding day, and buy the appropriate ones to present to him. A classic suit and tie will last longer and look more polite on a big day like that. 

"This Awesome Daddy" Belongs To" Custom Mug

A coffee subscription makes an excellent last-minute gift for bride's father, but if you have a little extra time to put together a gift, add this cool “This Awesome Dad Belongs To” mug. Made from ceramic, this Custom Chic’s personalised mug is great for a caffeine sip in the morning to start his day. For someone who loves coffee and tea, a generic coffee mug is probably enough. But for a gift to your father, chances are you want to add some personality to his drinks, and a custom coffee mug with a custom touch is the way to go.

Comes to life with 5 colours: Black, Blue sky, Red, Navy and Green bottle, each colour can be used to represent a different part of your wedding theme. Your dad will love this personalised coffee mug - it'll make him happy and remind him of your special day.

Premium Leather Belt

Leather belts

Belts are a key piece of clothing for men, and they can add an elegant touch to any outfit. This Buffalo Head Leather’s best-selling item features a solid, one piece strap of full grain Water Buffalo leather, and is handmade with a classic brass roller buckle. It's a rugged, casual belt made with real, authentic buffalo leather, and is perfect for adding a bit of extra edge to your dad's everyday style.

This gift for bride’s father is a great pair with a smart suit to wear on the wedding day! The belt buyers commented that this belt came to them with good quality, perfect in size and colour and versatile for all walks of life. This belt is so much more than just a belt to keep your dad's pants up, it’s a story!

Apple Time Flies

Apple Watch Seri 7

If your tech-savvy dad is looking for an easy-to-use device to manage his calls, text messages, maps, and health tracking, the new Apple Watch Series 7 is a great option. It features the largest display of the Apple Series, which helps your old man to get a better look at his watch. Plus, the Series 7 is the most durable watch Apple has made, making it the perfect gift for bride's father if you want a gift that will last.

The watch comes in five trendy colours to choose from, but we recommend choosing Midnight because it is elegant, and can go with a variety of dad's outfits. Tip: It's not a style we'd pair with a tux or formal suit. But, if you're looking for a gift to enjoy after the wedding, this watch is the perfect option! 

The Family Canvas Print

You don't need to go out of your way to show your dad (or your other half's dad) how much you appreciate them. Something simple and understated will do just fine. A personalised canvas printed with the nametags of your family members is a thoughtful and memorable way to commemorate your special day. Of course after your wedding, this personalised canvas gift will help your dad reminisce about you and the special day he took you by the hand down the aisle.

This personalised canvas print is a perfect gift for bride's fatherIt comes in two sizes, so it will fit any wall in your house. With the canvas family portrait, you can choose the number of people in your family and their names, as well as a special name to describe your entire clan.

Father Of The Bride Scented Candle

Father of the Bride Scented Candles

Why not consider a candle printed with your wedding title as a special keepsake as a gift for bride's father? It will let everyone know how much you mean to him and will be a cherished reminder of your happy event for years to come. This handcrafted candle is made of natural ingredients, like soy wax and eco-cotton wick, in a glass jar with essential oils and fragrance oils. It comes with a wooden gift tag and a linen bag for storage. There are six scents available to choose from: Green Tea Lemongrass, Lemon, Lavender, Cowboy, Pomegranate Cider, and Salt + Orchid. We think the Cowboy scent would be the best option for you, as it's perfect for older gentlemen (like dads) who enjoy the outdoors.

"Legend" Personalised Pillow

There's nothing like a personalised pillow to make your dad’s couch-sitting (or bed, of course) experience extra special after your long wedding day. By taking the time to create one just for your dad, you'll be sure to enjoy a restful evening together, guaranteed. This 18’’ x 18” pillow is made of quilted cotton, adding a touch of comfort to your dad’s sleep. 

Your dad may think that the old, normal pillows have been using for a while now are doing the job, but chances are he’s wrong. If you ever see him snoozing in the middle of the day, it’s time you bought this personalised pillow as a gift for bride’s father. With CustomChic pillows, you can customise your dad’s pillow with his name, year of birth, and other information. Plus, the pillow is animated, giving him a fun and unique bedtime experience.

Pamper Grooming Kit

Grooming kit

Drum up for the last item of our gifts for bride's father list, Pamper Grooming Kit. For the father who wants to sport a clean shave before the big day, this gift box will help him keep his beard and moustache looking pristine. It has all the tools he needs to achieve a clean shave, and it makes grooming a breeze. This special gift box contains everything a man needs for a perfect shower, including Milk Soap, Face Washer, Beard Balm, Body Scrub, and Buffalo Barrel for his essential items. Plus, it includes a special water bottle to remind him to drink water everyday. 


Gifts for bride's father can be difficult to choose from, but we've got you covered! Whether he's your best man or just a close family friend, there are plenty of great gifts to choose from. It can be some personalised gifts with extra love for your dad, or a thoughtful one like a wallet, or even a monthly meat subscription for him can do his heart.

Your dad deserves to be treated well, and sometimes just a handwritten letter from you really shows how much you care. No matter what the gift for bride's father is, your dad will always treasure the moment of your wedding day.

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