Gifts for 70th Birthday: Top Superb Presents That The "Obsolete Child" In Your Life Will Love
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Gifts for 70th Birthday: Top Superb Presents That The "Obsolete Child" In Your Life Will Love

Posted 21 Feb 2023

Rack your brains trying to find the most bespoke gifts for 70th birthdayThey’ll say they’ve already had it all and don't want anything else, out of pure love and consideration for you.

Hey, there are quite a lot of creative gifts for 70th birthday that you can choose to showcase your love and make their days brighter. A personalised t-shirt can make your grandad feel young again, while a nice, soft custom pillow will put your grandma at rest more easily. The tip to choosing the best personalised grandma gifts or personalised grandad gifts is to truly know what they love. If not, there are still abundant store-bought items for you to choose from.

Thus, if you want to thank your 70-year-old beloved parents or grandparents, we can help! These birthday gifts never disappoint, whether you’re searching for some readily available items or personalised gifts for loved ones because they show how much you care. Let’s find out!

Why Is 70th Birthday So Important?

Seventy is hardly "old". Benjamin Franklin, 70, helped write the Constitution and 70-year-old Helen Hayes received her second Oscar. The famous writer, Mark Twain, also believes that 70 is the time of life when you reach a new and terrible dignity, when you can let go of the good manners that have held you back for a generation and stand on your seven-tiered peak without fear or shame, look down, and teach without getting in trouble.

At 70, you know what you enjoy, but you're not stuck as you were in your 30s or 40s. Life tends to take a more gradual pace, allowing you to reflect on past events and cultivate wisdom. This is an opportunity to try something new or cross something off a bucket list. A 70th birthday, therefore, is a big deal, and you or someone close to you deserves a party as big as the life they've lived.

The person will probably be surrounded by family members who want to help them celebrate, either with a big party or accomplishing things they’ve always wanted to do with you. Since it’s a chance for everyone to gather and send heartfelt birthday wishes, you can bring lifelong friends and family members to celebrate the start of the next decade in the way you desire!

Top 70th Birthday Gifts to Buy This Year

We've compiled a list of great gifts for 70th birthday that combine a large celebration with a significant holiday if you're stuck.

Men's Birthday Gifts for 70th Birthday

Custom Tee

personalised t-shirt

When it comes to surefire solutions for a picky granddad, it's safe to assume that comfy fashion, sweatshirts, and t-shirts are a safe bet. But if you're sick of the same old t-shirt, you've come to the correct place. Not just any old t-shirt, let us introduce you to the world of personalised t-shirts that are guaranteed to be the perfect gifts for your grandfather.

If you're not a good talker, let the "GRANDPASAURUS LIKE A NORMAL GRANDPA" t-shirt speak for you! This item will be a treasure trove of memories for your big dad in your life to cherish forever, with hilarious prints and quotes! It is made of high-quality fabric that is soft and breathable. The quality ink and colour consistency will not fade after washing. All of this makes wonderful gifts for 70th birthday you can get for your grandfather!

Let's plan a genuine surprise to create amazing memories for your loved ones. The customised tee will be the testament between your mutual love for each other - as everlasting as the ink used in the process.

Coffee Mug

personalised mug

The engraved, personalised mug is a thoughtful choice for any occasion, but on the 70th birthday, it makes an even more considerate gift for your grandfather. The gifts for 70th birthday are useful and decorative enough so that he can proudly display them on a tabletop, his desk, or the nightstand. With custom images and messages, you’re about to insert some artistic touch into his already beautiful life. This is also why mugs are among the most-chosen gifts for 70th birthday.

You can easily pick a durable mug with persistent ink and images. Therefore, don’t hesitate to buy the most top-notch mug (if your budget allows!) to impress your grandpa on his birthday. Sturdy and thick materials, like copper, will maintain the temperature of his drink much more efficiently. Once you’ve done, it’s time to find images that he’ll find either funny or meaningful, or both, to bring some cheer to his long-awaited 70th birthday!

Whiskey Decanter Globe And Glassware Set

whisky globe decanter

Is your grandparent more of a home person or an adventurer in his 70s? In any case, with one of the most incredible gifts for 70th birthday ever, you can boast that you have scoured the entire world to find the very best decanter for him.

The exquisite whiskey decanter globe and glassware set is a wonderful addition to any area in his home, but it is especially wonderful to embellish a study or home bar. It creates the perfect focus for those spaces, promising to capture the hearts of any casual passers-by. Not only is this decanter of high quality, but the craftsmanship goes even further with the inclusion of a magnificent model of an old ship inside. When he sees the whiskey decanter globe for the first time on his birthday, he is absolutely certain to fall in love with its one-of-a-kind inventiveness, which is truly perfect as a gift for 70th birthday.

Women's Gifts for 70th Birthday

These creative gifts for 70th birthday can cheer up your dear grandma at her special event! From personalised posters, personalised pillows, to a stainless steel necklace, we’re sure these will be the ultimate addition to her birthday party!

Poster Print

personalised posters

Do you have trouble finding the ideal present for your grandmother? No need to look any further! These personalised posters are excellent gifts for 70th birthday, whether it’s your nana or a relative who loves something beautiful to hang around her home.

Each of the prints is made on high matte paper and printed with advanced techniques to ensure durability. The prints can also fit into standard-sized picture frames for easy decoration.

This stunning personalised poster is the ideal present for someone in their 70s and will be treasured for the rest of their lives. Make sure that you have selected your personalisation from the available images, entered the necessary messages and discount codes (if any) depending on the website you’re ordering from.

With this crisp and one-of-a-kind customised poster, you can breathe new life into your loved one's room. It's ideal as gifts for 70th birthday, but also anniversaries, and housewarming gifts - the possibilities are endless!

Custom Pillow

personalised pillows

After a long and tiring day, there is nothing better than coming home to a cosy and pleasant environment. For your nan who probably spends most of her time at home, this personalised pillow does an even more wonderful job of relieving her fatigue and helping her enter sleep more easily.

Besides sleeping, a pillow can also be used as a beautiful piece of decoration. The straightforward design is adaptable to any piece of furniture and can stand the test of time. She can put it on the sofa where guests would have a great view of. This is to make a statement about how proud she feels about her grandchild’s bespoke gifts for 70th birthday.

You can easily add your own elements to the pillow. Feel free to customise it with your preferred photographs, names, quotations, and other information, and make an excellent surprise for your nan!

Stainless Cross Necklace

stain cross necklace

This cross necklace is ideal for both formal and casual settings, and it would make an excellent present for a close friend or member of the family. It is also suitable for everyday wear. There is no need to be concerned about the sizing; it is appropriate for people of all ages and appears to be equally flattering on both men and women, although classy ladies in their 70s would wear it more often. This is a fantastic gift for your favourite fashionable woman in the family, whose tastes endure the passage of time! She is still gorgeous no matter how much time has passed, retaining both her elegance and ageless beauty.

This pendant stands out from other cross necklaces thanks to the intricate craftsmanship of the artist who made it. It has a straightforward lobster clasp and a ball chain attached to it, finishing the entire necklace in detail.

Gender-Neutral Gifts for 70th Birthday

Don’t really feel like going with the concept of male-female gifting division? We still have some gifts for 70th birthday that can surprise anyone on their special day. Check out our suggestions for everyone right here!

Adjustable Gel Massager

This massager is wonderful for relieving pain in stiff joints and aching muscles, which are common in older people. The device can help relieve discomfort and make chronic pains more durable. The muscles may be relaxed, and aches and pains can be soothed using the portable massager. If someone uses it on a daily basis, they’ll notice improvements in their muscle joints and can enjoy their day with more flexibility afforded.

Additionally, it is an excellent choice for people who wish to adjust their massage experience based on how they like it. Your grandparents can select different massage regions on the body with a handheld remote, which is quite simple to operate. Tell them to rest their muscles at the end of a long day or simply take some time for themselves to enjoy some downtime. One of the most practical gifts for 70th birthday, this massager is truly designed to do wonders!

Insulated Water Bottle

insulated water bottle

You’ll love this insulated water bottle for many reasons. This cooler glass is of the highest quality, perfect for keeping liquids at their desired temperature for an extended amount of time, whether they are hot or cold. It can maintain the temperature of hot beverages for up to four to six hours, and cold beverages for up to nine to twelve hours.

This tumbler has a design that is not only smart but also one of a kind and practical at the same time. Additionally, it is quite simple to transport hot and cold beverages, which is especially helpful when your grandparents go outside and need to maintain the temperature of their drinks. A built-in vacuum flask can help them achieve the task. It would be a thoughtful gift for 70th birthday to give to your nanny or grandpa on their birthday as a way to keep them hydrated and healthy.

Multimedia Center with Built-in Speaker

This 6-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player incorporates all of the most recent technological advancements and is available at an exceptional price. If your grandparents love to dance to classic tunes after dinner, your best choice is to gift them a record player with fantastic in-built speakers!

You have the option of listening to music that is streamed to you or playing your own personal music collection, a CD, Cassette, Vinyl Record, or Radio Station. Not only is the sound quality excellent, but the design can evoke some nostalgic feelings about the past, perhaps when your grandparents took each other out for the first time dancing. They can easily play all of their favourite records on the turntable thanks to the sturdy steel design of the record player. Those who are passionate about music are going to absolutely adore the meaningful gifts for 70th birthday, which we highly encourage you to get for them!


When a person reaches their 70th birthday, they might feel like they’ve had everything they want. More bespoke, personalised gifts for 70th birthdayhowever, can even make their hearts flutter so don’t stop short.

To pick the greatest 70th birthday present ideas, consider your recipients’ favour and taste, and avoid picking the same items as 65th birthday gifts or 40th birthday gift ideas for women or men. Every birthday has a different meaning so you should be careful about it.

Be creative with your approaches: Your grandpa may love a nicely decorated t-shirt and your granny a couple of pillows to cuddle everyday. Therefore, after considering your budget, plan out a few ideas to bring them the best birthday gifts you can. After finding the route to their hearts, you’re now even more confident to shop for 75th birthday gifts, or 80th birthday gifts for her and him in a few years to come!

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