Funny Valentine's Gifts to Give If Laughter Is Your Love Language
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Funny Valentine's Gifts to Give If Laughter Is Your Love Language

Posted 01 Feb 2023

It's been said that the couple that laughs together stays together forever; and if you give each other one of these funny Valentine’s giftsyou'll be well on your way to a lifetime of laughter and love.

Giving him Valentine's Day presents like boxers with your sexiest face plastered all over them or a candle to extinguish his farts, this Valentine's Day, you two will have more laughter than a late-night show. Our romantic photo frames with hilarious sayings and candy bouquets will make him or her smile on this Cupid's big day, making fantastic personalised gifts for couples.

For the guys and girls who have a heart-shaped sense of humour and think Valentine's Day is the best thing since conversation hearts, any of these presents will be the talk of the town. The box would be incomplete without a hilarious Valentine's Day card, some personalised Valentine giftsor even a ridiculous purchase off the store. Find out what we have right here!

For Her

Jewellery doesn’t always mean a classic road to her heart. In fact, this has been proven wrong with the funny Valentine’s gift made of gold we’ll show you in a moment. In case she’s not fond of glittery items, you can still go with an unconventional bouquet, and more!

Five Tiny Enamel Shoes Necklace

tiny shoe necklace

A thin chain supports five enamel shoe charms and a single Swarovski crystal that are strung together to form this necklace. This necklace is guaranteed to bring out the inner trendsetter in her, so go ahead and put it to use every day to step out and make a statement with your sense of style!

This fashionable bracelet, which will give a splash of colour to her everyday outfit, is the perfect accessory to demonstrate to everyone her inner fashionista. Because these lovely and quirky funny Valentine’s gifts made of crystal jewellery were intended to be passed down from one generation to the next, it is extremely vital that she maintains these gems with the same level of care that the designers put into creating them.

Olympia Provisions Salami Bouquet

salami bouquet

The road to her heart (and stomach) is not with a bouquet of flowers, but with this "bouquet" of really tasty gourmet salami, delivered to the door of a loved one in a beautiful, ribbon-tied arrangement. There are two options: Three or six sausages, though we're willing to let you in on that neither will last very long.

A small tip of care: As soon as you get it, put it in the fridge to prevent it from drying out and hardening. You don’t want your salami going bad too early, even before the joke is finished! The longer it stays out, the drier it gets, but it won't spoil. This is one of the funny Valentine’s gifts that’ll that your girlfriend aback upon receiving - who could have thought of it?

"Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook" by F.L.Fowler

funny cooking book

This spoof-in-a-cookbook follows Miss Chicken, a young free-range chicken, from raw innocence to golden brown delight. Like Anastasia Steele, Miss Chicken is dominated by a rich, attractive, and hungry cook.

Miss Chicken soon realises the delight of being the main meal, from achingly slow dripping to trussing. Fifty Shades of Chicken, a satire in three acts - “The Novice Bird” (simple roaster recipes), “Falling to Pieces” (weeknight dinner sections), and “Advanced Techniques” (the climax of cooking). This will make a wonderful, funny Valentine’s gift for her if she’s into transforming old dishes into innovative ones.

Fifty Shades of Chicken is an intriguing collection of chicken recipes that will expand her culinary horizons and leave her craving more. With the help of Fifty Shades of Chicken, she can finally be the master of the dinner table.

For Him

Wanna impress him with some Valentine’s gifts for menDon’t worry, we’ve got you covered. From highly practical choices to funny Valentine’s giftsyou’re sure to become the girlfriend of the year just with these gifts!

"My Girlfriend is Hotter Than My Coffee" Tumbler

funny tumbler

This tumbler is the perfect choice for a man's morning beverage, whether it be coffee, tea, or chocolate. Give this funny Valentine's gift to your lover on Valentine's Day, his birthday, during Christmas, or on any other occasion you can think of.

Coffee enthusiasts will appreciate receiving a funny tumbler like this. Makes sense, because it will allow them to savour cup after cup of healthy cocoa and chocolate beverages - or, just anything liquid! An addiction to coffee has never felt so good.

Many years down the road, the trademark of durability and heavy-duty resistance to heat will still be there. What could possibly be a more thoughtful and funny Valentine’s gift for a special partner on their birthday, anniversary, or Christmas than a set of tumblers? They will remember you each and every time they enjoy their priceless cup of coffee.

Life Changing Products Gift of Nothing Funny Gift

gift of nothing

We've all had someone who doesn't want gifts because "they have everything" in life. What do you get someone who wants nothing? Give them nothing! It's basically air and cardboard with some words inside the funny Valentine’s giftsThe package explains why the recipient received this gift - they asked for nothing! An empty sphere, two empty candy designs, a spherical candy, and one empty candy are available.

Use instructions on the back. Open the pack, then nothing! “A gift of nothing for the person who has everything” reads the package! However, when you read the cardboard package lines, you will find that "nothing" is "something". It's also intellectual and amusing. Relationships matter more than gifts, really.

Franzia Box Wine Backpack Funny Valentine’s Gifts

wine box backpack

This practical backpack is equipped with a spout on one side, allowing for the ideal pouring of a glass of wine.

The Franzia Box Wine Backpack is made to accommodate a complete box of wine and features a pouring spout that is accessible from the side of the bag to ensure consumers get the ideal pour every time. Even though the item has a photo of the company's cabernet sauvignon taste, the convenient bag can hold any of Franzia's renowned boxed wines, including the cabernet sauvignon kind.

The wine box is able to be stored safely in the main pouch of the bag and may be attached to the side opening spout with relative ease. If you’ve got a wine connoisseur of a boyfriend, this is the perfect gift!

For Couple

What types of ordinary and personalised gifts for couples are trending this season? Make sure you never give boring gifts again with our helplessly funny Valentine’s gifts!

"Annoying Each Other" Personalised T-shirt

funny t-shirt

When you think about the day you first met your significant other and relive some of your most memorable moments, it's like seeing the beginning of your love story all over again. These exquisitely personalised t-shirts will make your day a little more meaningful and special, and they are also the perfect presents for making your wife, husband, parents, or grandparents feel loved and appreciated on Valentine’s Day. You can choose from a wide variety of colours and designs to create the perfect shirt for your loved ones. Perfect personalised gifts for mumdad and grandparents too!

When it comes to clothing, particularly one to give as a present, finding something that pleases everyone can be a huge pain in the ass. Custom stuff, however, will save the day! Your particular someone will feel even more cherished when they get a customised shirt, which is the ideal present for any event.

"We Should Hang Something Cool Here" LED Neon Light

neon sign

This stunning and one-of-a-kind neon light designed by Love Inc. is the perfect funny Valentine’s gift to make a design statement on your wall or to include on your wedding present list. This light, which functions as a piece of typographic art and looks wonderful doing it, is crafted from a material that is both long-lasting and ecologically benign and, unlike standard glass neon, it is suitable for use in the house.

This neon light is something genuinely unique and a terrific way to add individuality and flair to your house. It follows the current trend of "curated" walls, which is moving towards statement wall items and art.

Uncommon Goods The Kissing Mugs Funny Valentine’s Gifts

funny kissing mug

These porcelain mugs, which are designed to fit together as you and your loved one do, are the perfect way to honour the fact that you are one of an inseparable pair. Each of the mugs in the set of two has the appearance of a warm and welcoming face. When the mugs come together, their handles make the shape of a heart and their mouths kiss each other. You can also turn them into personalised mugs with an equally hilarious message and cards this Valentine. Make use of them the next time you are sharing a warm beverage with that special someone in your life (and don't be shy about giving your sweetheart a kiss when they ask if you'd like a refill of your beverage).

Mad Libs After Dark

Mad Libs After Dark

The heart knows what it wants, but sometimes the right words get stuck in your throat. If you have been in the same boat, you're in good hands with Mad Libs After Dark - the ultimately funny Valentine’s gifts!

Since its creation in the 1950s by Roger Price and Leonard Stern, the popular word game known as Mad Libs has been bringing joy to followers of the game of any age and from all walks of life. A Mad Libs collection that comes in a sensual hardback box and is ideal for the holiday of Valentine's Day! This collection includes two romance-themed Adult Mad Libs titles. These all come together in an elegant hardback package that has an eye-catching faux-leather cover design and pages that are bordered in red on the inside, promising you tons of fun playing the game together!


Guaranteed to make people laugh, funny Valentine’s gift ideas have been proven to help couples stay closer at hearts, no matter where they are.

The bad news? Simple and trite traditional Valentine's Day presents or anniversary gifts for couples like chocolates and roses aren't cutting it any longer. Your Valentine's Day present this year should be something that shows how much you care just as they are. Similar to top wedding gifts for bride and groom, yours should be well-meaning no matter how funny you attempt the gifts to be.

The hard work of sifting through countless funny Valentine’s gifts has been done for you, and we're proud to showcase the best options for your loved ones. We've got you covered whether you're looking for a “nothing” type of present, a wine backpack, or even an unapologetic LED for store-purchased and personalised gifts easily!

Happy shopping!

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