Christmas Gift Tags: Top Gift Tags That Are Just as Sweet as the Gift Inside
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Christmas Gift Tags: Top Gift Tags That Are Just as Sweet as the Gift Inside

Posted 20 Mar 2023

The time and effort you put into making a Christmas gift is much more meaningful than anything someone could ever get in a store. To make it more personal, consider wrapping your gift with Christmas gift tags can be a thoughtful touch, and make the present will be remembered long after the holidays.

Even though these tags are pretty simple (well, it’s just some photos or art with some words on a piece of paper), if you do it right, it’s not only at the top but also transforming the item inside into personalised gifts that reflect the recipient’s personality.

And well, personalised Christmas gifts are always appreciated, no matter who they are!

In order to get everyone on your nice list into the holiday mood, we have collected some of the prettiest Christmas gift tags we could find. Not only that, to customise the printable Christmas gift tags, we also include top meaningful messages.

Top Christmas Gift Tags to Put the Finishing Touch on Any Present

As we all know, the last-minute gift-givers just signed the wrapping paper with a pen, which might lead to complications down the line. Present tags serve this purpose perfectly.

Christmas labels are a must-have for any present-wrapping situation, whether you're utilising a color-coded ribbon system or just trying to keep track of Santa's gifts so that no one gets left out.

A thoughtful gift tag, maybe with a charming image and some heartfelt words, can transform any ordinary gesture into a novelty Christmas gift. This year for the holidays, we have collaborated to bring you the most amazing gift tags that have ever been created. Let’s find out now!

Christmas Gift Tag Roll

Christmas Gift Tag Roll

If you are used to keeping those Christmas gift tags UK every year, you may have known the issue of keeping those numerous Christmas labels is sometimes just a pain in the ass. Well, the Christmas gift tag roll is here to save the day!

These self-adhesive stickers are great for personalised gifts for mum, they come in 5 traditional Christmas patterns, and when you buy, you receive 500 of them. And this is the best part: It is displayed in a roll so that you only need to get some to use, then put it back in a drawer to store for subsequent use!

The gift sticker's adhesive backing makes it simple to place on packages, and the sticker can be removed without any sticky residue. Every sticker measures a generous 2.95 x 1.6 inches (L x W), providing ample room for composing easily legible text.

Letterpress Gift Tags

Looking for an elegant Xmas gift tag to embed onto personalised gifts for best friends? This is the perfect one! You can easily add a touch of class and sophistication to your holiday gift wrapping with this luxurious set of 3 foil-printed Christmas gift tags UK. Letters are embossed onto, hand-printed with gold foil, and tied with luxurious velvet ribbons.

Why these Xmas gift tags are mentioned as elegance? Well, we can tell just by the photo given. To have that look, the manufacturer carefully considered the materials. They're crafted from thick 350gsm FSC cards in a beautiful natural green that's not fluorescent. If you'd like to tie a bow on your gift packages, you can also buy separate lengths of ribbon, each 1 meter long.

Moreover, the price of these three classy Christmas labels is only about $10, which may seem steep but is actually quite reasonable when you consider the high quality.

Smiling Faces Gift Tags

You'll be smiling just by looking at them, and so will the recipient! To be honest, anyone who sees one of these cheerful Xmas gift tags during the holiday season would put a smile on the face (even the grumpiest person!).

The Christmas spirit is all over this present thanks to the inclusion of this Christmas gift tags UK, which features designs of Santa, a snowman, and reindeer. Though we think each design is attractive, we believe it would be even more meaningful if chosen based on the recipient's interests and preferences. For instance, when thinking of personalised gifts for dog/cat lovers, indicating that they have a love for animals, maybe reindeer design can be as a go!

The Christmas labels are constructed of paper; Therefore, it is not waterproof. However, because of this, the printable Christmas gift tags can exhibit a wide range of vivid colors, making them appear fantastic!

North Pole Gift Tag

Do you want to give the impression that this gift was sent directly from Santa? If that's the case, this is the perfect Xmas gift tag! With its North Pole motif, Santa's gift tags have a look and feel of postage stamps from afar.

"A present from the North Pole is knocking your door!" This Xmas gift tag, among many others, is said to be more authentic than any other that depicts Santa Claus' address. It can also have the option of printable Christmas gift tags if you want to customise it on your own.

The Xmas gift tags were crafted with great care, and your present will stand out from other people's. If you're going to put it on top of personalised gifts for couples, for example, you may write the name of your other half on it. What’s more, there is the mode of transit (chimney, front door, pet door...) and even Santa's signature included!

Retro Gift Tags

You need a Christmas gift tag UK for a father who adores living in the past, but you can't find one? Even though we can't return to the past, we can always evoke some of its recollections. In that scenario, retro can never go out of style, and even if it looks pretty 90s, it is the ideal complement for personalised gifts for dad.

You might also give Christmas gift tags UK to anyone who adores retro style. The paper is constructed from crafty brown materials, yet, the picture printed on appears to be very real and vivid, which ensures that your present will not be lost in the crowd. 

There are more than ten designs to pick from, each with its attractiveness and including the choice of printable Christmas gift tags, so you may offer each person a unique design that will make them feel more valued.

Top Christmas Messages to Write on Your Gift Tags

So, let's assume you want to design some printable Christmas gift tags, but you haven't discovered an appropriate message. We always got your back. Here are some of the best Christmas messages you can write on your Christmas labels this year.

“Family is the gift that keeps on giving”

A charming expression, "the gift that keeps on giving," relates to the pleasant reminder that we should constantly do the same to other people when we receive something nice from them. Therefore, the adage that we should treat everyone (including strangers) as if they were family rings true. This is the perfect message on Christmas gift tags UK for someone who is soon to become a member of your family!

“I wish you love, peace and weight gain this Christmas”

A little humor mixed with wholehearted wishes is best for someone who wants to gain weight but is currently unable or still in the process.

“I wish it could be Christmas every day”

Christmas is such a remarkable experience for many of us that it feels like a miracle. Wishing for Christmas every day is one way to express how memorable the day is!

“I told Santa how nice you’ve been – thank you for everything”

How lovely and appreciative this remark is; it is the most significant expression for someone you are sincerely grateful to have in your life! Furthermore, it is humorous, so you can make them grin when you include it in the gift tag.

“Thanks for your help and hard work, Merry Christmas”

The message conveys a recognition from you to the recipient, possibly from a manager to an employee or vice versa, with a full appreciative touch.

“Merry Christmas to a great mentor and friend”

This message is the greatest for the boss because it is stiff but heartfelt.

“Merry Christmas, brothers and sisters! May God be with you in this glorious season of celebration!”

If the recipient is religious, this message is the finest option. With God's love, this letter will convey all of your warmest wishes.

“Why does Santa have three gardens? So he can Ho Ho Ho!”

Nobody can beat you with this dad joke! Even just reading it aloud has made everyone happy.

“Have a holly jolly Christmas”

Simple, classic, and timeless.

“Christmas wishes with love”

Christmas is all about gathering and sharing memorable experiences with loved ones. This message says it all.


A Christmas gift tag is an easy way to add a personal touch to your Christmas gift box if you want your present to be extra noticeable and special. Moreover, it is not only the gift tags contribute to the meaning of the gift but so does the message written on it can have significant impact.

In this article, we have included some of the most incredible Christmas labels for you to consider using on Christmas gift sets along with meaningful messages attached for loved ones. We hope you find them helpful and inspire you to create personalised gifts for someone special.

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