Christening Gifts for Girls: Top Sentimental Christening Gifts That Baby Girls Will Cherish Forever
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Christening Gifts for Girls: Top Sentimental Christening Gifts That Baby Girls Will Cherish Forever

Posted 22 Mar 2023

The birth of a baby is significant not only for the parents but also for the whole family and those who care about her. When it comes to the Christening ceremony, finding memorable christening gifts for girls is a wonderful way to celebrate the joyous event and show how much you care.

It’s essential that you consider some aspects before spending your money. Things like your relationship with the baby or recent trends might have some impact on your decision. Besides, don’t forget to ask whether the gifts are practical and thoughtful enough to give to the girls.

Need something more unique and sentimental? Personalised gifts will be a delight. They will last forever and make a meaningful gesture that marks the special day. 

Check out our amazing collections if you are looking for truly memorable Christening gifts for girls. There's something here that's sure to make her day extra special, from custom keepsakes to wearable presents to heartfelt decorative items. These tokens of appreciation will serve as a constant reminder of your love, whether you're her parent, grandparent, or relatives.

If you’re also in search of excellent presents for babies on any other occasion, browse our list of baby Christmas gifts and baby gifts for boys. You’ll find at least one thing that makes you a thoughtful gift-giver of the year.

CompanyTwentySix Personalised Baby Blanket

baby blanket

When shopping for Christening gifts for girls, blankets are a safe and thoughtful option. If you want to bring your present to the next level, go with customised ones. They’re one-of-a-kind keepsakes that will be treasured by the baby's family for years to come.

This blanket from CompanyTwentySix is a great addition to her special day. It can be engraved with her name, the date of her birth or baptism, and some other meaningful elements of your choice.

Make your baby's crib an even more attractive and inviting place with this gorgeous, customised blanket. It is a wonderful memento of the occasion. What's more, it won't just be useful for the infant years.

In need of fully warm and practical Christening gifts for girls? Add an extra personalised pillow to make a gift set. This considerate gesture is sure to be cherished.

RiceMoon Music Mobile

An excellent sleep aid that you could pick for the baby girl is this Ricemoon music mobile from Noodoll. With an adorable design and smooth texture, it’ll add a charming touch to the baby’s crib. It’s portable too so feel free to carry it wherever you take your baby (in your car or to the camping site).

The tiny blue moon is known for its serenity. They're soft and fluffy all over, remarkable with a cute pink-cheek face. When the little yellow sun below is pulled, a gentle tune plays, ideal for putting babies and toddlers to sleep peacefully.

Don’t miss out on this musical mobile for Christening gifts for girls. It’s a striking option for being both reasonably priced and meaningful. Everyone at the party would be impressed by its cuteness and sweet tunes.

SnuzCloud Baby Sleep Aid

SnuzCloud Baby Sleep Aid

It’s considerate to choose Christening gifts for girls that assist their sleeping. We’re sure this SnuzCloud baby sleep aid will be appreciated by your little girl, and especially by her parents.

There are four soothing sounds (including heartbeat, lullaby, pink noise, and waterfall) and two light options available in this device. Mom and Dad now find it much easier to lull their baby right to sleep at night.

This sleep aid’s lightweight, portable form and convenient strap make it the perfect sleep companion at home, or on the go (in a stroller or car seat). Perfect not only for Christening gifts for girls but also for Christmas or birthday presents.

Birth Record Frame

How wonderful it is to have something that helps you display the most important moment of your life? Get this birth record frame and let the baby know her presence is the happiest thing that happens to the family.

With a sophisticated design, this silver frame will bring an elegant touch to any place you put it on (be it the nightstand, the living room table, or your office desk). The shining silver is sure to brighten up the whole corner, making it a fantastic display for the content.

Besides this lovely present, think of personalised canvas or personalised posters if you need more excellent pieces for decoration. They’ll make touching Christening gifts for girls that transform anyone’s home into a much cosier nest.

Furry Animal Bath Wrap

Furry Animal Bath Wrap

A newborn baby girl will get wet during a Christening ceremony and her parents will need this bath wrap to dry her off. Made of ultra-long-staple cotton with a special untwisted loop weave, this wrap is absorbent and dries more quickly than usual materials.

After the relaxing soap, the small girl will be transferred to a trip to the safari. You can make a choice among the white bunny, light pink kitty, or an elephant-ear wrap for the Christening gifts for girls. Either of them would make the baby appear more charming.

For the next years to come, this wrap will play its best in keeping the baby warm and dry after each shower. It’s a lovely and useful item that you should add to your list of Christening gifts for girls.

Crocheted Baby Booties

baby boots

When it comes to Christening gifts for girls that can make the whole family say “wow”, a pair of Crocheted baby booties won’t let you down. With a pure white colour and an understated style, this attire is appropriate for any of the baby’s little outfits. Each pair of booties comes in a presentable clear box, ready for giving.

They’re hand-knitted of soft durable cotton so there’ll be no harm to the baby's skin. Their feet and toes will fit and be protected. The pretty satin ribbon is an additional touch that elevates the booties’ cuteness and charm.

All newborns can benefit from receiving this timeless present at the Christening ceremony or the baby shower party. It’ll make you become the best godparent who’s always sentimental and thoughtful.

Hello World Onesie

baby onesie

There are many different types of baby bodysuits on the market, but this trendy design is an absolute necessity for your newborn. With the quote “Hello I'm New Here”, this onesie will earn itself a place of honour in the baby closet.

Opt for the long sleeve or short sleeve to fit the weather or your interest. This ultra-comfortable bodysuit may be worn in a variety of ways. One plus point is that it has the neckband's pull-and-push style and the three-snap fastening, making changing diapers a breeze. 

For more stunning Christening gifts for girls, including extra fun accessories, like a hat and some socks. You might receive a lovely photo of her wearing all of these items.

Silver Baby Brush & Comb Set

Silver Baby Brush Comb

A silver brush and comb set makes a thoughtful gift for a godmother to give a baby girl. It’s also a beautiful way to commemorate the arrival of a new little person into the world. Baby's name, birthdate, or a sweet message can be engraved on the silver-plated comb and vintage-style brush included in this gift set. Customisation would make the gift appear more heartwarming while also preserving the remarkable milestone.

Each piece is cute and durable enough for the baby to use for years to come. If you’re finding one-of-a-kind Christening gifts for girls, this suggestion won’t go over the top. The newest member of your family will have a keepsake as lovely as this one to cherish forever. 

Keepsake Box

keepsake box

This wonderful round keepsake box is ideal for Christening gifts for girls and may be used and cherished year-round. 

Made of earthenware clay, it can be personalised with the child's name, her date of birth, and a small element of your choice (an image of a heart, a cross, or a star for instance). Plus, a special message will be engraved on the interior of the box, making it a more unique and heartwarming present.

Besides keeping meaningful items for your little girl, this box will be a cool way to spruce up the home decoration. Till the baby grows up, she’ll appreciate how thoughtful you are to help her preserve the meaningful moment of her life.

Silver Leaf Handprint and Footprint Frame

Silver Leaf Handprint and Footprint Frame

Newborn babies deserve nothing less than the best, which is why personalised Christening gifts for girls are ideal. This present will have everyone in the neighbourhood swooning over your child.

Baby's hands and footprints can be preserved forever with this beautiful frame. Additional customisation choices include adding the baby's name and the date of her baptism.

When the parents open this gift, they will be overjoyed to have a chance to permanently save a memory of their girl as she was at that time - when her hands and feet are so tiny. A thoughtful present that will help preserve the most precious memories! 

Elle J Maui Rose Gold Newborn Bangle Bracelet

Elle J Maui Rose Gold Newborn Bangle Bracelet

When you’re stumped on special Christening gifts for girls to purchase, a charming piece of jewellery will be your saviour. You might have noticed that someone gives the girl a cute anklet. So this is the time for a fascinating bangle.

Among various brands out there, we’d love to introduce to you Elle J Maui. With timeless styles, their infant products are perfect for today's families. This rose gold bangle is a lovely way to celebrate the arrival of a new life and is a thoughtful present that can last forever.

You’ll be pleased to see that this accessory is a perfect addition to her everyday wear. There’s no need to worry about the colour coming off or any damage to the baby’s sensitive skin. The bracelet is made of a safe and lasting material that might be kept for many years to come. 

Praying Musical Lamb and Prayer Book

Praying Musical Lamb and Prayer Book

Godparents looking for considerate Christening gifts for girls look no further than this praying musical lamb and prayer book. It can be used during the infant months and many years long after that.

The two main items included in this set are the "God bless baby" (a board book with different watercolour images), and the “Pray with me” lamb (kneeling with hands clasped). When you press the Lamb's tummy, he recites the prayer "Now I lay me down to sleep" with his sweet little voice, which is sure to make the baby excited.

Let the baby girl hear that she deserves to have faith, courage, and strength forever. God's love will accompany her every day and night. After the blessing, she will say her first prayer.


The Christening ceremony is one of the most important events in a girl’s life. To make this occasion more memorable, choose a present that means a lot to herself and her family.

Our list of Christening gifts for girls has everything you need to celebrate this remarkable event. Whether you go with wearable presents or personalised gifts, it’s a thoughtful gesture that shows how much you care. 

Plus, your present is a sweet way that helps preserve one of the most meaningful moments in the girl’s life. So think carefully and pick a suitable piece to mark the occasion.

We’ve also made excellent gift guides in case you’re finding page boy gifts or flower girl gifts. Browse them all to select something that will be treasured for years to come.

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