50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents to Celebrate Fifty Years of Togetherness
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50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents to Celebrate Fifty Years of Togetherness

Posted 28 Feb 2023

Celebrating 50 years of marriage is a huge milestone, and it calls for some spectacular 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parentsThey could have spent that time touring the world, starting a family, or simply being there for each other through thick and thin. The both of them have probably been through ups and downs together, but they’ve learned to ride them out and keep their connection strong. As a result, your gift choices, be them personalised gifts for couples or popular off-the-rack items, should convey the message in a meaningful and special manner.

Gold is the usual present given for the 50th anniversary because of the anniversary's nickname, "golden". Not only is it a highly looked-forward-to event, the romantic elements are something you’ll have to consider, too. When buying presents for couples, such as personalised Valentine giftsthink of what makes their relationship solid after all these years: Is it their shared hobby for indoor activities or the love of adventures? This way, you’ll have a better idea about what to give as anniversary gifts for parents.

We've scoured our archives to bring you the greatest gold goods (and cheaper gold-tone and gold-plated choices) to help you discover the right present for your parents. We've got you covered with plenty of traditional and modern gifting ideas to choose from in this collection: https://personalchic.com/collections/personalised-anniversary-gifts-for-couples

What Is The 50th Anniversary?

Traditionally, couples celebrate their half-century wedding anniversary with a party and 50th wedding anniversary gifts. It seems to be the reason that a metal as classic and exquisite as gold would be fitting for marking such a momentous occasion in their journey together. It's a huge milestone if your parents have been married for 50 years. Given the significance of the 50th anniversary, a precious metal such as gold would be an ideal present. Choosing 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents needn't cause a stir. Like a marriage that has endured this long, this precious gold represents knowledge, strength, and wealth.

Besides being the conventional and contemporary material for a 50th wedding anniversary gift, gold is also the designated anniversary colour due to its long association with the milestone. Only the flowers given on the 50th anniversary are not made of gold! One of the year's emblematic blossoms is the yellow rose (which, honestly, is quite near to gold) and it represents friendship and joy. The other 50th-anniversary flower is the violet, which was traditionally offered by fans to symbolise their fidelity. Like a successful marriage, violets are resilient and may thrive under challenging circumstances.

Traditional presents for a golden anniversary are a great way to celebrate the milestone, but you don't have to stick to the rules to give a thoughtful present. Below, we reveal some of our favourite gold and unusual 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents!

Best 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents To Buy This Year

Traditional Gift Ideas: Gold

We've compiled the most thoughtful 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parentsfriends, and spouses that fit this year's unique theme. These unique golden anniversary presents are certain to please anyone on your list, offering you the full freedom to transform them into personalised gifts for mum or personalised gifts for dad that’ll gain a nod from your beloved parents!

Time Teller Water Resistant Watch

gold men watch

If no immediate personalised gifts for dad come to mind, we recommend going with a classic! The gold watch face Time Teller is a unique design by Nixon, which is sleek and high-concept, including a three-hand mechanism and a golden metal band. For many years, it has been chosen as one of the bespoke gifts for dad thanks to the luxury look.

The 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents have remained simple and adaptable since the very beginning, which will keep them in the running for years to come and make them a classic that will stand the test of time.

You may make this time teller uniquely yours by replacing the band with one made of leather or canvas. Alternatively, you can give it to your beloved parents in the form of a bracelet styled after jewellery that has a sliding clasp.

Solid Gold Endless Jewellery

gold hoop earrings

Your mum deserves the best 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents, and you can give her exactly what she wants with these Endless Hoops! They weigh next to nothing and are designed for maximum ease of use. For these reasons, the earring hoops make perfect personalised gifts for mum if you also include hand-written notes to thank her for all these years!

Hoop earrings are most readily put on when the post is hooked behind the ear instead of in front. These earrings are hypoallergenic and guaranteed to be 14k gold thanks to a special stamp. It's perfectly safe for a baby, a kid, a teenager, or an elderly to wear. Genuine 14-karat gold, just what you were looking for in such an important event: Your mum’s 50th anniversary!

Weathered Black with Autumn Gold Light Fixture

pendant light

A few customers have taken to Amazon to discuss the aspects of the product that they find most appealing. One of them has spent a considerable amount of time looking for a chandelier that would look appropriate in their dining area. Without making any costly choices for the decor of their home, the Kovacs light fixtures couldn't be better 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parentsThe dimmable LED light bulbs are notable for their ease of installation as well as their energy efficiency.

That the brass tone is rather yellow and appears fake is the sole reason why some customers are still reluctant about purchasing it. However, the Weathered Black with Autumn Gold is still a worthwhile gift choice for parents celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary!

Gold/Grey Sunglasses

ray-ban sunglasses

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic sunglasses, currently considered to be one of the most famous sunglass types in the world, were first introduced in 1937 to serve the United States military aviators. Aviator Classic Sunglasses are a model that will never go out of style since they have fantastic aviator styling combined with exceptional quality, performance, and comfort, which we believe will complement your parents’ unique fashion taste that ages like fine wine!

As 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents, you’re practically giving them a timeless classic to enrich their sights of the world! They’ll have a wide variety of lens colours with a classic frame, including crystal brown, crystal green, G-15, and other options that offer the best possible optical clarity and give protection from UV rays in their entirety.

Our Best Alternative Gift Ideas

When shopping for 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parentsyou don't have to follow the rules and choose anything made of gold. Other unique options are listed below that will make them feel loved and valued this year and always. Check out some lovely personalised gifts for couples for their memorable day!

Versatile Travel Bag

beis duffle bag

Why not treat your parents to an upgraded departure gate if the two of them are going to be flying out together to celebrate this new milestone? The Béis duffle bag is both practical and fashionable, including three internal pockets, a cushioned technology sleeve, an outside zip pocket, and a bottom shoe compartment in addition to its other storage options. Because it is made from sturdy and water-resistant canvas, it is prepared to accompany your beloved parents wherever your next adventure takes them.

This is one of the most thoughtful and functional 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents that you don’t have to rack your brains for! Show your love through small but considerate gestures, and this versatile bag is one such powerful statement.

Personalised Canvas

personalised canvas

This personalised canvas conveys a powerful message about the closeness of your parents' connection. When two people choose to sit next to one another, it is a promise to support and protect each other no matter what challenges may arise in the future.

They will be pleased to learn that the artwork may be used for more than just nostalgic purposes as a keepsake. For example, it might be framed and hung above their bed as a constant visual reminder of their relationship. If you’re unsure what to give your parents on their big event, we recommend getting the artwork with their names on it as 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parentsIt's so moving that it may move them to tears!

Throw Pillow for Couple

Finally, some brazen confessions for couples completely smitten with one another even after all these years! Your parents' love for each other will be more pronounced thanks to the thoughtful 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents you’ve picked from the pool of custom choices out there. This beautiful illustration of a married couple makes a wonderful statement about togetherness and partnership no matter what life has to offer.

And the best part is, they'll keep this personalised pillow physically close as a daily reminder of their significant other. Nothing beats the feeling of coming home to your bedroom and relishing the love hanging in the air. The 50s are still a wonderful time to be crazy in love all over again, which you’ll help them realise!

Personalised Poster

personalised posters

personalised poster is a great way to decorate your walls, and it also makes a unique and appreciated gift for your dearest parents. Each size of this poster is designed to look great in a certain setting. It has texture and personality, and it can go with many different styles of interior design.

These 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents are sure to be a hit for so many reasons. To gift your beloved a distinctive, tailor-made poster that commemorates their major life event together is to tell them how much you respect and admire their ongoing partnership! They're going to cherish it on their 50th wedding anniversary so much beyond words. After all, these "You & Me Together" prints would make wonderful presents that'll last a lifetime of love!


Golden items are exchanged as 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parentsthe event which is traditionally referred to as the "golden anniversary". We are big fans of preserving time-honoured customs, but we also believe that there are new and exciting ways to mark the 50th anniversary of the company.

Whether you're searching for personalised gifts for your spouse, parents, or a personalised wedding gift for best friends who are celebrating their 50th anniversary together, these 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents are sure to make them feel golden in honour of this treasured event! Your thoughts and efforts to make your parents once again the happiest couple in the world will pay off big time. In fact, if you’ve given them such a precious gift, they might be looking forward to your expert solutions in their next 60th wedding anniversary gifts’ collection.

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